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Air Cover for Libyan Rebels, None for Cuban Freedom-Fighters

Humberto Fontova
Monday 28 March 2011

Where are the planes?” kept crackling over U.S. Navy radios 50 years ago. The U.S. Naval armada (22 ships including the Carrier Essex loaded with deadly Skyhawk jets) was sitting 16 miles off the Cuban coast near an inlet known as Bahia de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs). The question — bellowed between blasts from a Soviet artillery and tank barrage landing around him — came from commander, Pepe San Roman, who led an amphibious force of 1500 Cuban freedom-fighters. Read the rest of this entry »

Castro condemns Jewish American aid worker to 15 years in prison

Humberto Fontova
Monday 21 March 2011

On Saturday Castro’s court handed down a sentence of 15 years to Alan Gross, a contractor for USAID jailed in Cuba since Dec. 2009 for bringing cell-phone and internet equipment into Castro’s fiefdom. Mr Gross was trying to help Cuba’s tiny Jewish community communicate more freely with the outside world. Read the rest of this entry »

Che Guevara: Guerrilla Doofus and Murdering Coward

Humberto Fontova
Monday 18 October 2010

Forty three years ago Ernesto “Che” Guevara got a major dose of his own medicine. Without trial he was declared a murderer, stood against a wall and shot. Historically speaking, justice has rarely been better served. If the saying “What goes around comes around” ever fit, it’s here.

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