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Why Has Dining Out Become Part of NY Lifestyle


Restaurant People Eating Socializing Socia

During the early 90s, people preferred to eat home-cooked meals. It was a time when it was more prevalent to see women in the kitchens instead of working outside of their home, earning a proper wage. It was because it was generally expected of women to do domestic duties such as housekeeping, childcare and, of course, cooking. Men were thought to be the primary breadwinners of the family, and hence, there was no need for the women to go outside their home.

The blurring of gender boundaries

But, it all changed at the turn of the century. It was when the women’s rights movement was gaining ground, and people were starting to push for gender equality. It was also the time when the economic landscape was changing as it became more and more difficult to live a sustainable life with the cost of living on the rise.

Thus, women entered the workplace more and more until it is now commonplace to see them adopting what we now call “non-traditional gender roles”. Today, both the man and woman are considered providers of the family.

With both parents out of the house all the time, it became more challenging to balance their work duties and life, which has led to the trend of dining out.

Dining out culture in NY

When, before, dining out was only considered as a special treat, now, it is becoming an intrinsic part of urban living. Back then, people just dined out occasionally, but now people are doing it more frequently and it has become part of their lifestyle.

City living made it harder for people to prepare and put together a full course meal. It takes up a lot of time, and most families don’t have the energy to cook after a long hard day at work. Thus, dining out in various restaurants became a popular activity. It is especially true for the typical New Yorker.

Because of the change in lifestyle, we can see a range of establishments in various boroughs of Manhattan. The most populated one would be the Upper West Side where you can find restaurant upon restaurant on every corner of its streets. But, the bright side is most of these establishments completely understand the needs of the people. They know how hectic their life is and that’s why most of these restaurants are catering to providing comfort foods that we might call “home-cooked meals”.

Many Upper West Side restaurants, for example, are following the trend of offering a wide variety of menu choices what we have traditionally known as homemade meals. They brand them as healthier alternatives to fast food chain products. Not to mention, several restaurants are changing the ambience setting of their establishments by making them have a homier feel. It allows people to relax more and make the place more appropriate for families dining out.

This newfound strategy of many New York establishments has allowed urban city living to become more bearable and enjoyable. So, it has helped numerous families a lot.

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