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Budget Friendly Artificial Grass Options

Grass Warehouse believes that it shouldn’t break the bank when it comes to wanting a nice looking and well-kept garden. Therefore, they sell a wide variety of cheap artificial grass so that there is something for everyone, whilst maintaining a high level of quality.

Helios 15mm Artificial Grass

This artificial grass is the cheapest option that Grass Warehouse has to offer. Whilst 15mm isn’t the thickest of artificial grass in the market, it is still a great option for gardens with low foot traffic. In addition, it has a 6 years UV warranty so you won’t have to worry about your grass fading in the summer months. This artificial grass is also pet friendly so it is perfect for those of you who have pets.

Lunar 20mm Artificial Grass

This is the second cheapest option that Grass Warehouse has for sale. It is classed as their entry level grass as it is the perfect thickness for those of you who haven’t had artificial grass before. In addition, it is a more natural looking grass as it has different tones of green running through the turf which will be enhanced when the sun shines. Similarly, to the cheapest option, Helios, it is perfect for gardens which have low foot traffic, albeit, it is still hardwearing and durable. Not only is it slightly thicker than the cheapest option but it also has an additional year of UV warranty so it could be a great option if you want your grass to last longer for only a slightly increased price. It is definitely the most popular as it is a Grass Warehouse best-seller, however, the only downfall to the Lunar over the Helios is that it isn’t pet friendly. If you are looking for an increased thickness grass which is suitable for animals then keep reading.

Eclipse 20mm Artificial Grass

Similarly, to the Lunar option, Eclipse has natural tones of green and brown running throughout. In addition, it is the cheapest option for pet friendly artificial grass if you want a 20mm pile height. Whilst is it still suited for low foot traffic gardens; it is perfect for any outside space. It also has a 7-year UV warranty so it will last a long time before it will fade by the sun, and if it doesn’t then you will be covered.

Parallax 30mm Artificial grass

This option is still very cheap and only a few pounds more per square metre compared to the other types of artificial grass already mentioned. As it has a 30mm pile height, it is great for kids to play on as it is made with the strongest yarn on the market. This means it is durable so it won’t become damaged when playing football and the likes on it. In addition, it also has an 8-year guarantee so your grass will be covered for longer compared to the other options. The only downside is that it isn’t pet friendly so if you have pets, the Hestia 30mm artificial grass is the best option as it has the same benefits as Parallax but it is also suitable for animals.


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