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How To Stay Organized During The Trip

Travelling is supposed to be an enjoyable time. Whether for work or leisure, going somewhere new and finding yourself navigating through an unknown surrounding always feels like an adventure. However, even being slightly disorganized can make the difference between a great experience and a crummier one. Here a few tips to stay organized during the trip to keep disasters at a minimum and keep the good times going.

Make Copy Documents

It’s pretty impossible to go anywhere without your passport, travel credit cards, and especially your tickets and lodging info. Unfortunately, like everything important, these items can easily be lost, misplaced, or even stolen fairly easily. To keep things organized make copies of your important travel docs in the event that you can’t find them anymore. This way you have a physical backup and reference. Leave this documents with a trusted friend or family member so they can be easily e-mailed to you if an emergency arises.

Label Your Cosmetics

You probably already have a bunch of clear, plastic containers for your body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and any other liquid toileterie that aren’t allowed across borders. The only problem however is that it can be difficult to determine between each one as typically these are all the same colour. This can be especially challenging if you’re refilling your travel bottles during your trip. Creating customized labels for each of your toiletries is not only a great way to keep everything organized but you can also add all the personal flare you want or match them with your already established travel aesthetic.

Get Waterproofed

Investing in some reusable waterproof travel bags can make a big splash in terms of travel organization. Depending on where you’re traveling too, weather conditions or atmospheric changes can create added moisture in luggage or carry-ons. Having plastic resealable bags make carrying around damp items a bit more bearable. Sometimes toiletries containers can break while traveling, making for a huge mess in luggage. Putting items in bags when you notice the spill can make carrying around your items and cleaning them up far less catastrophic.

Badge Identity

You’ve probably collected over the years luggage tags that are either boring, tacky, or (even worse) both! Luggage tags are an excellent idea because not only do they make telling luggage apart easier but they make it so lost items can easily be returned to their owner. Smaller bags, purses, carry-ons or totes however sometimes don’t always look their trendiest when a huge luggage tag is dangling from them however. For a simple and customizable identifier create your own magnetic backed badge online. Badges are great because they take up too much space on smaller accessories, and can be removed and replaced on any travel or fashion accessory at any time. Plus if you create a badge of your name, you’ll always know exactly which smaller bag is yours!

Keep Clothes Clean

No matter where you travel or for how long one thing is certain: you’re gonna have a lot of laundry. And there’s nothing worth than reaching into your suitcase for a fresh pair of socks only to discover they’re the ones full of sand you wore yesterday. Next time you travel pick up a mesh drawstring bag designed specifically for laundry (these can be found at most luggage and sporting goods stores). This way you can keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean ones in your suitcase while also not sacrificing (much needed!) space in your suitcase.

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