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Choosing a Job That Will Travel With You

If you have an innate yearning to roam this beautiful planet, then you will need a job that travels well. It’s difficult to fill your inner wanderer if you are tied to a desk. Rarely can you truly immerse yourself in a new country’s culture if you have to be back to work by Monday. Here are a handful of ideas that will help you work from just about anywhere.

Get it Write

There are countless ways to write for a living and the majority do not require you to ever step inside an office building. Writing for freelance content companies is a great option. There are numerous companies out there that can provide consistent work and you can contract with as many as you can handle. Topics can range from gaming to travel to business to tech. There are endless articles to be written and all you need is a laptop and a Wi-Fi café.


If you would prefer to write similar topics on a consistent basis you could consider starting a blog or being a regular contributor for existing blogs. This is not a job that just anyone can land. You will need to do your homework and prove your abilities before this can become a consistent form of income. It will likely take time to build this type of career so don’t buy your plane ticket just yet. Spend some time researching blogs you would like to write for and prepare samples of your work for them to review. Be willing to write a few “sample posts” to see if you are a good fit. A little effort, in the beginning, can pay off big in the end. You will hardly remember the struggle when you are typing your next post from the comfort of a beachside hammock.

Be Tech-Savvy

From engineering to website, logo, and project design to SEO and digital marketing skills, the tech industry is a wide-open category that knows no bounds. Working remotely is commonplace and oftentimes preferred for companies who are looking to hire on a consultant basis. No matter what your digital skills are, there is a company out there who needs you. Luckily, there are online portals that connect job seekers like you with companies who need your services. Forget about the normal stresses of corporate jobs, such as productivity reports, nepotism and tech engineering wage equality. None of that matters when you work for yourself as a traveling entrepreneur.

Teach Them a Lesson

Teaching overseas has become a popular way for people to scratch their travel itch and make a difference in young (and old) lives. There is no shortage of teaching opportunities in countries all across the globe. Oftentimes you will be teaching English but there are other opportunities as well. From Thailand to Prague to Brazil and the Dominican Republic, there are countless countries who are searching for English teachers to live and teach in their communities.

On your days off you are free to roam the land and take in all the country and culture have to offer. Keep in mind that partnering with experienced and reputable organizations like The International TEFL Academy will ensure the position you choose is legit and well established.

Thanks to the digital age we live in, opportunities abound for people to travel the world and still be able to work a job to fund their adventures.

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