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3 Tips for Dealing with Plumbing Issues in a Vacation Rental

Vacation rentals are a popular way to experience a new place for a reason. You get the space and freedom of a home, often with a more relaxed vibe than a traditional hotel. But what happens if your tranquil getaway is interrupted by a plumbing issue? A clogged drain, a leaky faucet, or worse, can put a damper on your relaxation time.

Here are 3 tips to help you deal with plumbing problems in your vacation rental.

Avoid DIY Fixes

Tinkering with plumbing on your own can lead to bigger issues, void warranties, and could even get you into a tiff with your host about who’s responsible for what.

So hold off on playing plumber. Stick to simple fixes like using a plunger if the toilet is clogged. For anything more, give your host a shout before you do anything that might make things worse.


Report Issues Promptly

The sooner you let your host know about a plumbing issue, the quicker they can get it sorted. This helps to stop small annoyances from blowing up into vacation-ruining problems.

You want to:

  • Use the quickest communication method available—often a text or call will get the fastest response. Avoid waiting or sending emails that might not get immediate attention
  • Be clear about what’s going wrong. Mention when you noticed it and describe what’s happening. Is the toilet continuously running? Is there water leaking under the sink? The more details, the better
  • Follow up if you don’t hear back promptly. It’s important, especially if the problem is getting worse or stopping you from using basic amenities

For example, say you find that the kitchen sink is completely blocked. Instead of using a wire or harsh chemicals to unclog it, which might damage the pipes, you want to hold off and inform your host.

Document Everything

Keeping a good record can save you from headaches if there’s ever a dispute about damages or who said what. It’s your proof that you reported issues promptly and handled everything by the book.

You want to:

  • Snap pics and videos. Use your phone to take photos or a quick video when you first notice the problem. Make sure they’re clear and show the extent of the issue. Timestamps on these can be super helpful
  • Save all chats and emails. Keep all your communications about the issue in one place. Whether it’s a text thread, emails, or notes from calls, having them organized can help if you need to backtrack and check details
  • File everything neatly. Get all your documents, photos, and messages sorted into one folder—digital or physical. This makes it easy to pull up anything related to the issue whenever you need to refer to it

In short, when you hit a plumbing snag in your vacation rental, just remember to act fast, skip the DIY fix, and keep a record of everything.

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