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The Best Careers in Public Administration

A public administration degree is one of the more challenging degrees that student can choose to study for. However, it is also one of the best for opening up a wide range of potential career choices for graduates. The roles fulfilled by public administration officials are many and diverse. Consequently, the subject attracts a broad spectrum of skills and personality types of the various professions.

Upon completing a public administration degree, a number of opportunities to work within either the public or private sector will become available to graduates. The skills learned while studying for the degree, and while working in the profession, are mostly transferable between different roles. This means that you can move between jobs and switch careers without discarding your prior experience.

In this article, we look at some of the best careers available to graduates with a degree in public administration.

Tax Examiner

The role of a tax examiner is to ensure that government, at all levels, local and federal, is receiving the correct amount of tax revenue from corporations, individual citizens, and other organizations. Tax examiners undertake the necessary audits to establish whether this is occurring and decide what penalties or deductions should be made of individual’s tax bills.

Budget Analyst

Budget analysis is one of the most popular, competitive, and lucrative jobs that graduates of a public administration master’s degree can apply for. Budget analysts are an essential component of any big business’s accounting and finance departments. They also play an important role in assisting public institutions in managing their budgets, allocating resources, and planning for the future.

Budget analysts often provide organizations with the best measure of their financial success. A budget analyst is able to take a look at the balance sheet for a business and from this, deduce how effective their current financial practices are.

Public Administration Consultant

This is another crucial civic function fulfilled by public administration officials. Public administration officials advise local governments on policy, procedures, and the setting of their annual budgets. Public administration consultants make a big difference to the lives of many ordinary people. The decisions taken on the advice of a public administration consultant will have a direct impact on both the quality and the availability of public services.

If you think that a role in any of the careers mentioned here might be suitable for you, then you should consider studying for an online MPA degree. An online masters in public administration is an excellent and versatile degree choice.

City Managers

A city manager takes on a role similar to that of a CEO, except they are nominated by elected officials to work on behalf of cities, to ensure that they are run as efficiently, effectively, and successfully as they can be. There are similar jobs available for smaller towns as well.

A public administration degree is a fantastic first step towards a long-term and prosperous career in any number of fields. By studying online, you can save money and study while also working.

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