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Working From Home

Although some people may think working from home means having a break from the demands of leaving the house and going to a job, that couldn’t be any less true. When you leave the house to go to a building, you have a clear-cut schedule and expectations. Trying to do it from your own house means you have to learn how to manage your workload with the added interruptions from family and other obligations you don’t have to deal with at the office.

In order to be successful with the new norm of working from home, there are certain changes you have to make. The first one is setting up a designated area to declare your work zone. Just like if you were at the office, this area should be used only for working and should be set up to allow productivity.

Unlike going to the office and having your workspace predetermined, this is something you have to establish in your home to try to keep distractions to a minimum. Keep your work area uncluttered. The more things you allow to catch your wandering eye and make you lose your focus will be counterproductive. Also, consider making the most of your space by using monitor mounts to keep neck strain at bay and free up valuable desk space. That could make it easier to organize the area.


One of the most important ways to be successful while working from home is to establish a routine and keep to it. Contrary to popular belief, just because you’re not leaving the house doesn’t mean you can sleep in and stumble through your day and still be at the top of your professional game.

You no longer have to worry about making your way to the office so make the most of the time that you aren’t using to commute to catch up on other work-related tasks. If there are emails you wanted to send the day before but ran out of time, this is the perfect time to play catch-up.

Because you can no longer ask a neighboring coworker for advice on how to proceed with a certain task or gain clarification on something you’re working on, you may need to use that commute time to do some research to figure things out on your own.

Establish Boundaries

Friends and family may not be respectful of the fact that you’re working from home. In order to avoid arguments and misunderstandings, make sure loved ones are clear about allowing you to complete your work with minimal interruptions.

Make your workspace as professional-looking as possible. If you are doing video meetings, consider using a backdrop to keep personal belongings and clutter out of view of those you are working with virtually. Not only will it project professionalism but it will also keep others from being distracted by various background items.


Don’t be misled by the notion that working from home your time is unlimited. Prioritize your workload and delegate as much as possible. The more tasks you can have completed by others, the more time you will free up to take care of the more demanding aspects of your work.

Money Smart

Be aware of how much money you are saving by not having to commute to work. Along with that, track how much you are saving from not buying that extra cup of java from the local coffee shop or those lunches out that you aren’t having. You may be surprised at how much money you aren’t spending because you’re not leaving your house.

Working from home can be a successful endeavor if you approach it with the right mindset. Stay organized and make your day as routine as possible and you’ll find you can manage much better than trying to wing it and wondering where your day has gone.


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