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Top Tips for Public Speaking

Whatever kind of business you run, it’s likely that at some point you’ll be faced with the often-daunting task of public speaking. While it can be a scary and nerve-wracking thing to do, it’s something that gets easier the more you do it, and with some prior planning and preparation, you can take some of the difficulty out of what lies ahead.

First of all, you should try to select the groups that you speak to with care. There’s a world of difference between talking to a large group made up of potential customers, or a group of business leaders. No matter how good your communication skills are, the group you’re addressing can dramatically impact your levels of confidence and the success of your talk overall.

Once you are in the right location you must also consider how to bring your message across the most effectively. People have different languages that they communicate in and that effects how they receive information. The main three are kinetic, auditory, and visual. Whenever possible you want to engage all three of these people during your presentation, ensuring you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of engaging the audience. Here are some quick tips to get you started.

Use visual presentations: A presentation using a tool such as PowerPoint or Prezi can engage people who are auditory and visual. It helps you stay on focus with your message but also consider your movements during the event. Are you going to stand in one spot or can your move a bit to keep them focused on you as you talk? Practising with your completed presentation can be a great way to start to think about the different elements of your talk.

Use hand-outs: This gives people a take-away so they feel that they got more value out of your talk and it also gives them a way to reconnect with you later.

An Activity – Stimulate people with some exercise that gets them moving, engaging, or interacting with others. Kinetic people love to use their hands, but you must keep the activity simple for everyone’s benefit. Think through what the responses may be and do some brainstorming with someone else in your industry to find the most suitable approach.

One final thought on speaking to groups. Keep in mind your time. If you have 20 minutes then keep it tight to 20 minutes. If you have prepared fully then you should know your delivery time. If you have a 40-minute presentation or a day event you will want to break things up to keep people engaged.

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