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3 Formal Dresses You Can Totally Wear Again, Because You’re the Practical Type

We’ve all been there: you’re scrambling to find a dress for a wedding this weekend. Nothing seems right and you’re not falling in love with a single dress. You end up wearing a dress that’s just OK, and when you get home, you put it in the back of your closet and there it sits. It’s time to stop settling for formal dresses you will never wear again. Instead, here are three formal dresses that you’ll be able to wear time and time again.

A short, sleeveless dress

Short dresses have always been popular, and you can’t go wrong with a short, sleeveless dress. The beauty of this dress is that it’s perfect for a variety of occasions, though it’s important that you pay attention to the material of the dress. If it’s a fancier fabric and a more expensive look, it may be difficult to wear to a casual event. Invest in a nice-looking dress that you know will be appropriate for a variety of events.  

If you’re headed to an evening wedding or out for a special dinner, your short, sleeveless dress can be paired with high heels, expensive jewelry, and a clutch. If you’ve been invited to a more casual event, change up the shoes and accessories. Go for a pair of wedges or sandals and a fun, bright necklace. The average American woman is 5 feet 4 inches tall, which means most women are looking for a dress that will make them seem taller. A short dress helps your legs look longer, and a sleeveless dress shows off your arms.

A jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are becoming the go-to outfit for many women. The important thing to think about when choosing a jumpsuit is your body shape. Taller women can choose flowier, wide-leg jumpsuits, while shorter women should go for something more form-fitting. Jumpsuits can look incredible when they fit correctly, but if you buy the wrong shape, you risk looking frumpy and misshapen. You should also consider whether you’d like something with sleeves or something that’s sleeveless. A sleeved jumpsuit will keep you warm at night and on chilly days, which is perfect for Autumn, but a sleeveless jumpsuit will better suit you during the summer.

Play around with your accessories with a jumpsuit. You want to make sure you pick the perfect pieces that flatter your outfit and your body and complement your look. A belt can make your outfit look more put together, but an oversized necklace might distract from your shoes. Try a few different looks and decide what’s best for your body and the event.

A maxi dress

Long dresses are extremely popular right now, probably because they’re comfortable and flattering. The right maxi dress can be appropriate for every event, from a wedding to a party to a day at the office. The key with the maxi dress is really the shoes. Since it is a floor-length dress, you should make sure you buy a dress that is the right length for wearing heels and flats. You won’t be able to make good use of your dress if you trip over the hem when you wear anything besides high heels.

Just like with the short dress and the jumpsuit, you’ll need to think about the dress’s material and shape. Find a dress that can be enhanced with shoes and jewelry, but doesn’t look ridiculous when you pair it with sandals and a crossbody purse. The perfect maxi dress can be dressed up or down and has become a staple in most women’s wardrobe.  

If you stock your closet with one or all of these options, you’ll never struggle to find the perfect thing to wear to any occasion.

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