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3 Popular Design Styles for Your Home

If you are planning to purchase a home, you need to get a head start on your house layout designs. This way, you can immediately communicate to your interior designer and decorator how you want your living space to look. It will also ensure that your wants and needs will be followed. Not to mention, it will enable them to come up with a comprehensive plan for your house and you will have an ample amount of time to approve and discuss the little details.

Don’t know what you want? Don’t worry; you can look through this list to find the right style for your home.

Here are three different home interior designs that are very popular nowadays:


What is old can be made new again as we can observe with this design. People have always associated rustic with designs that are casual-looking, rough-hewn, and aged. That’s why the thing that always comes to mind when people say rustic is a lodge. Rustic emphasises the use of natural material. It means reclaimed wood and unfinished stone form the necessary foundation of the design in furniture and on walls. What rustic design champions is simplicity. Ultimately, rustic is being as organic as possible, and hence, you might find yourself using fabrics like burlap or canvas indoors. Rustic is for you if you like to have an earthy feel in your living space.


Of course, in this day and age, people are still looking for “modern”. When it comes to contemporary design, we immediately think sleek and glossy. Black and white is usually the colour scheme. Modern also means making your house a smart home. It means that your house has been technologically enhanced.

Beach House

Do you have an adventurous soul? Are you always itching to travel? Or, do you do stressful work and, therefore, need a good long break? If one of these scenarios applies to you, then you should consider choosing a beach house style.

Going coastal is already the norm nowadays. You can use this style even if you don’t live near the sea or the ocean. Beach house interiors use an open floor plan to let in light and the breeze as much as possible. White is usually the dominant colour in this type of design, so your upholstered furniture will look pristine. In contrast, your trims and mouldings will be the centre of attention since the beach house style heavily relies on the room’s architectural elements. You can either leave them in their natural state or have them coloured in shades of blue to mirror the beautiful colour of the ocean.

You can also use tropical plants to give off the coastal vibe. You can design your space with woven baskets and rattan furniture to match the beach house theme. Choose accent pieces that can simulate the texture and shapes of the things you would typically find on a beach. For example, you can choose lighting fixtures that are shaped like seashells.

Choose carefully from this list. If you are still looking for more design inspiration, check out




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