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3 Tips for Buying a Gift for an Acquaintance

Yes, acquaintances can deserve gifts, too. Why? Perhaps to return a kindness, or maybe as a gesture of goodwill. Perhaps in celebration of a social tradition or maybe just because it feels right.

Whatever the reason, kudos, and here are 3 tips for you!

Be Thoughtful and Considerate

You want to be considerate and thoughtful in your gift choice as it shows that you’ve taken the time to listen to their preferences and interests; this automatically makes any gift more meaningful.

For example, you don’t want to select a random gift. Instead, you want to choose a gift based on what you know about the person’s interests, no matter how small. For instance, if they once talked about their love for hiking, you could pick a sturdy water bottle with nature-themed designs, as this shows consideration for their hobbies.

So, pay attention to any hints or conversations you’ve had with the acquaintance. Think about what might resonate with them, whether it’s a book, a piece of artwork, or a small gadget related to their hobbies.

Keep it Appropriate

You want to keep the gift appropriate so that it’s neither too extravagant nor too personal for the level of your relationship. This way, you avoid making the acquaintance feel uncomfortable.

For example, if you’ve only met the acquaintance a few times and it’s not a very close relationship, you don’t want to give them a precious set of vintage earrings even if they did you a nice favor. Instead, you might choose a more modest and suitable gift, like a scarf as a small token of appreciation.

So, constantly keep the nature of your relationship and the occasion in mind. For casual acquaintances, opt for gifts that are modest and not overly personal. Small, practical items or tokens of appreciation are often a good choice.

Opt for Universal Gifts

Universal gifts are safe choices because they’re generally appreciated by most people and so they greatly minimize the risk of choosing something that the acquaintance won’t like or won’t find useful.

For example, you don’t want to risk selecting a niche gift that the person might not like and force them into an awkward situation. Instead, why not opt for a universal gift like a potted plant? These are often appreciated for their aesthetics and can brighten up any living space while purifying the air.

So, look for items that have broad appeal, such as scented candles, quality chocolates, or a best-selling book. These gifts can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, making them suitable for acquaintances whose preferences you likely know only little of.

Why not buy something nice for an acquaintance? It’s nice to be nice! Just as long as you keep these tips in mind, gifting something to an acquaintance can be awesome.


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