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4 Must-Have Items for Breastfeeding Moms

As a new mom, there are many things to think over and contemplate about your new little one. You want to do the right thing at all times, and you want to do what’s best for them. Sometimes that may not be as easy as it sounds. From personal experience, there are many contradictory statements and tips for new moms that make it incredibly difficult. One of the topics that are always up for debate is the topic of breastfeeding. Regardless of your stance, there are many moms out there that do breastfeed their babies. When taking on this task as a new mom, it too adds many hurdles and strides to your busy schedule. It is almost a full-time job ALONG with being a newborn mom. If you are or plan to breastfeed your infant, then you should consider having the following items on hand.

Breast Pump

Besides your baby, the breast pump may be your sidekick when breastfeeding. You will most likely be feeding the baby or pumping every three hours for the first year of their life, or at least for the first six months, depending on the baby’s needs. If you are a working mom, on the go, or one that travels often, then it is extremely important because your baby relies on it to extract the milk he or she needs to eat when you are away from them. These days there are many pump options and also technology available to a breastfeeding mom. Do your research to see which one fits your needs. Along with the actual pump, you will need to purchase the pump parts and accessories.

Milk Inducing Items

Some moms are blessed with an abundant supply, but most are not. Some moms have to work on that. While breastfeeding, it is key to drink as much water as possible to increase and keep up your supply. If you can think about what it must take for your body to produce what your baby needs, then you will understand why. There are also natural items you can ingest to help with lactation. Items such as organic lactation bars and cookies, as well as teas or vitamins, are proven to help. For example, vitamins like Fenugreek are proven to help with milk production. There is also lactation tea, mother’s milk, or milkmaid tea available to drink.


There are a lot of accessories that are useful and aid in breastfeeding your child. One that first comes to mind and can be a gamechanger is bottles and nipples. Some babies are easier than others, but some are very fussy when it comes to the type of bottle and nipple they use. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there for you and your baby to try. The problem with the bottles and nipples is that they need to be thoroughly cleaned, which also involves the purchase of items to do so. Bottle cleaning brushes and sanitary steamers are key to making this step in breastfeeding and pumping easier. You can also purchase bottle warmers to help warm up bottles easily, quickly, and safely.

Some moms require a nipple shield when breastfeeding their baby. This item can be found at many baby stores or department stores. Another accessory that can be helpful to a breastfeeding mom is a milk saver. These cup-like products go on the breast you aren’t feeding with to collect milk that may be leaking while feeding (which is common). Every breastfeeding mom knows that breastmilk is liquid gold, so any ounces you can get just by sitting there is awesome.


A common issue with new moms is that you feel like you would lose your head if it wasn’t attached. There are so many things you are thinking about, and your hormones are all over the place, so it causes “mommy brain.” That paired with breastfeeding can cause some issues because you often need to remember things. I found that using an app to track your breastfeeding sessions is helpful. In these apps, you can time how long you are feeding for, when you are feeding, and on what side. If you even want to go further, you can log how much water you are drinking so you can keep track to make sure you stay on track. This is so helpful in the early months when you are non-stop feeding, and the baby is so reliant on you.

These items and tips should help you along your breastfeeding journey. Since the journey can be short-lived or even long, it is important to do what you can to support your desires in this journey.


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