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5 Essential Elements Of The Most Awesome Games To Play Online

Are you an online gaming enthusiast? Are you always on the lookout for the latest and most awesome games to play online?

It will interest you to know that according to Statista, sales of video games all over the world reached 75 billion American dollars in the year 2015. And, by 2020, sales could hit the 90 billion mark. And, if you thought gaming was a predominantly male milieu, you couldn’t be more wrong. In the year 2017, 59% of the gamers were male while close to 42% were female.

With 155 million Americans playing games each year and 80% households owning the necessary gadgets, the industry is all set to come out with a slew of games to hold the interest of die-hard gamers everywhere.

So, what is it about online games that have spawned a multi-billion dollar industry? Well, you will be surprised at the in-depth research, extensive planning, and amazing graphics that go into the creation of each game. Each time a new game comes into the market, it includes several elements designed to rivet attention and captivate the player. And, each designer aims at understanding how the gamer’s mind works. Let’s take a look at the most essential elements that every game includes.

1. An Interesting Story Line

Like a feature on PluralSight explains, the story line is often the first introduction to the most successful and awesome games to play online. The designer weaves a scenario to draw the players in and presents a challenge that they must complete. The story then unfolds frame by frame with each scene comprising of mini-challenges that must be completed to proceed to the next level. Designers often talk about making each task difficult enough to provide the sense of exhilaration when the players finally accomplish the task. At the same time, they’ll provide enough of tools and aids to help the progress of the game.

Here’s another crucial factor that distinguishes the most awesome games to play online. And, that is a sense of connection with the main protagonist. Players should want to guide the figure along to unlock the next stage of the story. And, the more twists and turns it has, the more riveting it gets. Some good examples? Dead Space and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

2. Immersive Gameplay

The level of control in the players’ hands also dictates whether the game will catch the fancy of gamers. Take for example, the Angry Birds game. There isn’t much of a storyline involved, but there’s plenty to do with the gamers getting completely immersed in the streamlined playing experience. The controls are well-defined and easy to manage. The result is that players adore the game even though there’s no tale unfolding.

3. Hi-Def Graphics

Okay, so this one’s self-explanatory. The most awesome games to play online have superb graphics to die for. Whether it is the setting of each frame, the characters and their costumes, the vivid coloring, and the look and feel of the game. If it has great graphics, it is sure to delight your senses and give you to close-to-reality experience. Games like Battlefield 4, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Assassin’s Creed, BioShock: The Collection and Tales of Berseria are good examples of exciting graphics.

4. Action and the Risk Factor

The action element is always an essential is the most popular awesome games to play online. The players have to keep moving collecting weapons, maps, rewards, secure locations, power ups, and other things that can improve their abilities or cure them if they’re hurt. Most interesting games also have time countdowns within which the player must complete the task or fail. Of course, the most engrossing factor is the ever looming sense of danger. Try games like Call of Duty WWII and Injustice 2 if you like action. Check this feature in The Verge and you’ll receive information of games like Code Vein and Dauntless, two much-anticipated releases for 2018.

5. Mystery and Puzzles

Depending on the genre you find most interesting, you can find awesome games to play online that tease your brain. You’ll solve a series of puzzles to find clues that direct you to the next stage in the game. Step into the shoes of real-life detectives or maybe, explorers looking to crack codes and find the murderers, criminals, avert the annihilation of the earth or find hidden treasure.

Real-Life Adventure

While awesome games to play when bored are the obvious thing to do, gamers are now taking their skills out of the comfort of the living room and into the real world. Picture being locked up in a room with a few of your friends or complete strangers. You have exactly 60 or 90 minutes to locate a bunch of clues cleverly hidden around the room. Next, you must place the clues together and decipher them to get out of the room alive or a dire fate awaits you. Or, you could play a game that includes a series of rooms. And, you have a fixed amount of time to find the trail of breadcrumbs that can lead you to freedom.

Also called escape game rooms, these venues are available in every city. And, the exciting part is that the organizers have new escape games added everyday with a range of exciting themes some of which are based on movies, books, history, horror, and just about anything else. So, if you’re the avid enthusiast who would like to try gaming at a whole new level, try these games with friends and family. Or, even, colleagues from work.

Looking for some fun activity for this weekend? If you’ve had your fill of movies and theme parks, search for the most amazing games to play online or offline and have a fun-filled memorable afternoon.

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