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5 Popular Sofa Styles to Choose from


A sofa is a piece of living room furniture that usually ties together the style and aesthetic of the room. It only makes sense that if you are buying one for your home, you need to consider it as a significant investment. Not only are you looking for quality, but you also need to choose a design that matches the general décor and appearance of your home’s interior. Before heading to a furniture store or checking online for your options, it is best to know the exact details such as the size and style you want. Here is a list of five popular sofa styles to choose from.

Sectional sofa

Sectional sofas are very popular these days, especially if you want more room to sit. But contrary to the common assumption of many, sectional sofas come in a variety of sizes. There are sectional sofas that would fit a small apartment. What’s great about a sectional sofa is that it fits perfectly in houses with open floor plans. The corner unit is also meant for reclining and is an excellent choice for families with small children.

Tuxedo sofa

A tuxedo sofa features tufting on the back cushion as well as angular and clean lines. A prominent feature of a tuxedo sofa is the same height of the armrest and the back. It looks more masculine, and rightfully so because some say that it was named after the fancy suit.

Tuxedo leather sofas are perhaps the most commonly available, but you can also find this sofa style in a variety of materials such as velvet and wool.

Lawson sofa

A Lawson sofa is synonymous with the American style of furniture. It has a boxy shape and simple lines. Typically characterized by three seat cushions and three back cushions, the back is taller than the sides. Lawson sofas look very comfortable; hence making them a popular choice. The simple style also blends well with a variety of décor, making this sofa quite a versatile choice.

English Rolled Arm sofa

A rolled arm sofa features large back and seat cushions. The armrests are very low, making this sofa ideal for napping. Despite the oversized cushions, this sofa has exposed legs, which gives it a lighter appearance. This type of sofa originated during the turn of the century and is often associated with English country homes and cottages. Despite the classic lines, English Rolled Arm sofas also look great in contemporary or transitional interior design.

Camelback sofa

The hump on the back of this sofa, as well as the curved lines, make its silhouette formal and traditional. This type of furniture gained popularity sometime in the 18th century when aristocratic families started opting for a more formal style for their homes.

These days, this type of furniture is not something you find in modern homes, but those who prefer a luxurious and classic design still opt for camelback sofas for their homes. Turn of the century hotels and similar establishments are prime examples of where camelback sofas are usually showcased.

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