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5 Reasons to Move to North Carolina

There are a wide variety of reasons people decide to relocate. Maybe you want to live closer to your family or you’re outgrowing a starter home and looking for an upgrade. Maybe you got a job offer you just can’t turn down. Maybe you just want new scenery. In any case, you could do much worse than moving to the state of North Carolina. With a gorgeous landscape, plenty of attractions, job opportunities, and more, it is a great state for those relocating.

The coast

Arguably one of the best reasons to live in North Carolina is the opportunity to experience its east coast region. The state is known for its beautiful beaches that stretch for miles as well as its coastal cities. The region provides near limitless opportunities for fishing, water sports, and sightseeing. Notable attractions iNorth Carolinalude the Carolina Beach State Park and the Crystal Coast, as well as many others. There are even opportunities for scuba diving classes and pro surfing lessons.

The mountains

Of course, if you aren’t a fan of the beach or aren’t planning to live in the coastal region, North Carolina’s western side offers mountain ranges with plenty of options for camping, hiking, and mountain climbing. Fans of winter sports or adrenaline rushes can opt for more high octane experiences like zip lining and skiing. Horseback riding and farm tours are great choices for animal lovers, with alpaca farm tours being particularly popular. State parks are also very common in the mountains for those interested. Most who live in the mountains also consider it a great place to settle down, and there is plenty of North Carolina land for sale in the area.


For those with families, North Carolina is host to a variety of great public and private schools. The state is also home to some of the best colleges in the entire country, with Duke, North Carolina State, Appalachian State University, and UNC Chapel Hill all being notable contenders. Whether your child is interested in math, science, or the arts, North Carolina offers great options for everyone.

It’s impossible not to bring up the college sports scene. North Carolina is home to fierce rivalries between many teams, and it’s a sports lover’s paradise. For those less enthusiastic, it can still be a good idea to choose your side wisely.

Job opportunities

Aside from all its great sights and schools, North Carolina also offers a plethora of good career opportunities. It’s a great state for those interested in the healthcare field because of its hospitals, nursing homes, and research centers. North Carolina is also home to Research Triangle Park, named for its three university cities. The Park is home to nearly 200 companies and is the largest research park in the country. This makes it ideal both for the experienced and for young professionals looking to jumpstart their careers.


Another great reason to move to North Carolina is that it has something for everyone in the way of arts and culture. From folk music to hard rock and electronic performances, North Carolina’s music scene is bursting with variety. Asheville, North Carolina in particular has been listed as one of the top 12 music cities in the country. There are also plenty of museums and landmarks to explore. Those looking for something a bit quitter might enjoy a tour of Biltmore Estate. North Carolina also offers a wide selection of craft beer and restaurant options, and is home to American icons like Pepsi and the marvel of flight.

Whether you’re looking for schools, jobs, or recreation opportunities, North Carolina has something worthwhile for everyone. If you’re looking for a place to live, don’t choose to rent. Instead, purchase a plot of land and build your dream house— once you move to North Carolina, you won’t be able to live anywhere else.



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