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5 Useful Apps for Homeowners

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Apps are good for many things. Some help keep track of your weight, while others entertain you, but some apps could change things for homeowners. There are thousands of apps in the app store, so looking for them could be tiring. The good thing is you’re going to learn about five apps that homeowners can use.

1. Houzz app

This is a helpful app for homeowners, but it’s just one of many. This app aims to help you with home design, home improvement, and home remodeling. At some point, every homeowner wants to change things around. They want to make a house feel more like theirs, or they feel like it’s time to update a home that’s starting to look too dated. The problem is figuring out how to get this done can get challenging. This app offers millions of interior and exterior pictures for inspiration. This will help you create the look you want. You’ll find a sketch feature that allows you to write on photos, which can be pretty helpful. After you design your room add finishing touches with something personalized from

2. Nextdoor

Another excellent option for homeowners to consider is Nextdoor. There are a lot of reasons to download this app. For one, it helps create a sense of community. You know it’s hard to connect with neighbors. Some homeowners say hello every so often. They may wave or smile, but it doesn’t go past that. This app makes connecting much easier, nurturing a sense of inclusivity. What’s more, a new feature lets users report Nextdoor racial profiling and hate speech. This is done so that everyone is aware of what’s happening and takes steps to make things better. Maybe your neighbors will begin to have a serious conversation about this at home, which could help change things in the future.

3. Around Me

No matter how long you live in a place, there’s bound to be something you don’t know about. Maybe there’s a pub nearby that serves locally produced alcoholic beverages, or maybe there’s a cute gift shop you never heard of. If you want to explore everything around you, then download an app like Around Me. These sorts of apps use your location to tell you about everything around you. You’ll learn where gas stations, theaters, banks, hotels, or grocery stores are. You’ll see how much you’ve got to explore, and all you had to do was download this app. You’ll have something different to do each day if you want.

4. Bills Monitor

Another essential app homeowners should download is Bills Monitor that reminds you about the bills you’ve got to take care of. A homeowner has many bills to worry about, from the mortgage to many insurance policies. This doesn’t include all the credit cards and car loans you have to pay. This app allows you to manage several bills for free. You can make a bill recurring or a one-time payment if it’s something like your car registration. This app allows you to easily see all your unpaid bills so that you don’t forget about them.

5. Centriq

Home maintenance is a big deal for homeowners, and an app could help you with this, such as Centriq. All you have to do is upload information about your specific home appliances, like your AC or washing machine. Once the information is uploaded, the app pulls up troubleshooting tips or your appliance’s instruction manual. If you ever experience a problem or don’t know how to do something, you can use this app to help you figure it out. You know how easy it is to lose the instruction manual, so having something like this can be pretty helpful.

Now, you have several apps that can make a difference in your life as a homeowner. Go ahead and download them to see how they can help, or keep looking until you find the apps that best meet your needs. If you are not much of a app person you can always install an acrylic calendar on the wall where you can write everything down and erase after the month is done.

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