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Best Mixbook Themes for Your Kids

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One of the best ways of spending quality time with your kids is engaging in an interactive Mixbook project. Doing so enables them to use the creative muscles during the project, granting them educational success. You can assist your kid using a photo book maker to create a custom photo book from nothing or use a particular theme. Storybooks, rainbow books, ABC books, and custom art books are a few examples of the great templates and themes that your kid can utilize. Below are descriptions of how the themes are used.

Custom art book

A custom art book involves a printed book containing your kid’s paintings, drawings, and sculptures, not forgetting the child’s pictures making the artwork. Additionally, musical instruments, scribbles, and baking are the greatest memories to capture when making the art book. You can also use a few creative tips to ensure the custom art book is interesting.

First, try and capture some pictures of your kid when they are messy with the paint, while stirring the cupcake mixture, and pictures of them scrawling their beautiful work with chalk. Secondly, take some snap photos of their final product to show some consistency in the whole art process in action. Lastly, you can add taste to their work by adding some texts describing the action in place or use a few funny moments or quotes.

Rainbow book

When creating a rainbow book, begin by teaching your kid how to capture a picture of various items in the house to make a rainbow book. You can ask them to take the pictures according to the colors present in the rainbow. For instance, find three items that are red and take pictures of each. After acquiring pictures of items with the rainbow’s seven colors, inquire them to use their creative skills in arranging the items. Finally, upload the pictures to come up with a rainbow book.

A few creative skills used to make your rainbow book outstanding are like correlating the colors using numbers. For example, you can choose colors using numbers like one orange, two reds, three blue items, and so on. You can also ask the child to take pictures of the items to be used on the cover page for the colors of the rainbow.

ABC or an Alphabet book

An alphabet book has enabled your child to learn and understand the alphabet easily. Spend some time with your kid taking pictures of various items in the house to acquire all the alphabets from A-Z to fill each page with a particular letter. The whole process makes it an interesting way to learn alphabets quickly.


It involves assisting your kid in making a creative storybook of their own. You can help them in condensing or expanding the text’s ideas to make a professional story to publish. One can also decorate it by adding some illustrations and stickers to your child’s work.

Suppose you want to acquire more information about various ways or tips to ensure that your child properly utilizes a particular theme; contact Mixbook today. Creative tips will be clearly explained to you depending on the particular theme that your child decides to use.

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