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Beyond the Weights: Gym Amenities for Health

Everyone knows that the gym is where you go to utilize cardio equipment and lift weights, but gym facilities also have a lot of other equipment that you can use to cultivate health and relax while you’re at it. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are a variety of tools to exercise and enjoy yourself without the typical weights and treadmills. Below are a few amenities of gyms that offer an alternative to the usual methods of working out.

The Pool

Most gym facilities have a pool where you can swim to get some great exercise and relax. Swimming is one of the best ways to lose extra weight. Not only is it incredibly good for you, you can work out with getting all sweaty. Swim sessions build muscle and are great for cardio. When you’re tired of the basic tools used to exercise, taking a swim in a gym pool will be the difference that may keep you motivated to lose weight and build muscle.


In addition to the pool, a hot tub is a great way to kick back and lose some water weight while you’re at it. While Jacuzzis aren’t exactly an exercise tool, sweating out the toxins is a good way to cut down on the extra calories without working out. Furthermore, if you are lifting weights you can relax your muscles in a hot tub. It can be a great tool to utilize after exercising and as a way to relax after your workout.


A sauna is a great way to sweat out the toxins in your body. They are very good for you in all kinds of ways. There are traditional hot coal saunas and the even more effective infrared sauna. When you find a gym with sauna available, you’ll be able to take advantage of the health-giving qualities that they provide. Not only will it help you get rid of unwanted toxins and chemicals that cause inflammation and other health issues, you’ll feel great when you spend some time sweating it out in a sauna.

Steam Rooms

Like saunas, steam rooms are a perfect place to relax and sweat out toxins. Not only are steam rooms a way to continue losing weight after your work-out, the steam is amazing for your skin. Steam is great to open your pores and cut down on stress and anxiety. Go into the steam room after you exercise and it will give you a great way to keep working on your health in an easy way.

Yoga Classes

Most gyms offer yoga classes as well. While you can do yoga at home, you won’t push yourself the same way that a professional yoga teacher will. Whether it’s traditional yoga or a hot yoga class, your body will get stronger and you will be able to sweat out in the same way you do when you spend time in a sauna. You can also do hot yoga for a similar effect. Yoga is great low-impact exercise that will tone your body and give you a way to lose weight without running or swimming.


Another way to get exercise without the traditional cardio or weight lifting is taking a Zumba or other dance class. Dance classes are a great way to lose some weight and have fun at the same time. Whatever you are interested in, there are classes that can make losing some pounds enjoyable and easy. Zumba is fun and easy-to-follow. Women love Zumba because it feels more like a night out on the town than a work-out class.


Pilates is another class you can take to exercise in a fun way. These classes are a lot like yoga, but can provide targeted exercises that will help you build muscle, tone your body, and lose extra pounds. Not only is Pilates enjoyable, it is a great way to exercise. The classes should be supplemental to your other work-outs, which can make a well-rounded routine.

Of course gyms are a great place to lift weights, run on the treadmill, and utilize other cardio equipment, but the amenities available can provide alternative ways for you to lose weight, tone your body, sweat out toxins, and work on your body overall. When you are a member of a gym, you should take advantage of all the extra amenities that will provide new ways for you to focus on your physical and mental health by relaxing and toning your body.

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