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Chinese-Themed Appetizers & Décor Ideas for Parties

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Planning a holiday get-together? Perhaps you or someone in the family is celebrating a birthday. You could just be hosting a party. Whatever the case might be, you’ll need food and décor – no gathering is complete without both. Chinese cuisine and culture offer a number of great options to consider for holiday parties, diner parties, and even more casual get-togethers, and we’ll explore some of them here.

Food Options to Explore

The Chinese culture has thousands of years’ worth of culinary tradition, which means one thing – you have tons of potential options to serve at your next soirée. Here are just a few choice picks to tantalize your imagination:

Coconut Shrimp: Got a seafood lover in the crowd? Mix things up with sweet and savory coconut shrimp. As No Recipes says, “Something about the juicy shrimp encrusted in threads of impossibly crisp coconut, with a sweet citrusy dipping sauce makes these things irresistible.”

California Roll: Want to bring things a bit closer to home, but still want an Asian flair? California rolls can do the trick.

Potstickers: There is nothing quite so familiar to American diners as the humble, delicious potsticker. As Food & Wine points out, potstickers, or jiaozi in China, “Are a kind of meat or vegetable-filled dumpling.” Boil them or fry them, the result is still delightful.

Eggrolls: The quintessential Chinese-American food, eggrolls don’t have to be heavy. They can be light, crisp, and filled with just about anything you might want. Go with pork for a classic take, or get creative with veggies, mushrooms, beef, seafood or something else.

You’ll also want some tips for serving and eating. As Chili House SF points out, you should make sure that your guests have as authentic a time as possible. Let them use chopsticks (but have regular silverware available, too). This Chinese eatery also recommends going with nian gao, a type of cake served at Chinese New Year, for your dessert.

Décor Ideas for Your Gathering

Now that we’ve covered the food items for your shindig, we need to discuss the décor. After all, food can set the mood, but decorations up the ante by quite a bit. What should you do? Actually, there are tons of different choices! Some of them will work better than others in different situations – indoors versus outdoors, for instance.

Chinese Lanterns – What is more iconic of Chinese culture than elegant, beautiful paper lanterns? You can hang them around and outdoor eating area, string them across a doorway, and more. They’ll bring light and joy to the entire event.

Don’t neglect your table settings. As The Spruce points out, you can decorate your table with a red tablecloth and paper napkins folded into fan shapes. Provide chopsticks (and regular silverware), and think about having each guest’s place setting personalized with a card featuring Chinese calligraphy and proverbs (in Chinese if possible).

As you can see, there are many different ways that you can use venerable Chinese traditions and culture to help make your next gathering memorable and fun.

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