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Do You Have These Bags to Match Specific Occasions?

Bags are functional; you can put your necessities inside them: phone, charger, laptop, makeup, wallet, and so much more. But besides their function, they also help spice up an outfit. There are so many different types of bags that you can choose from, and they come in different sizes, colours, materials and their prices range from super cheap to crazy expensive, depending on various factors. It is essential to match your bags not only with your outfits but with the occasion as well. Here is a simple guide on what to use where.

  • This type of bag is medium-sized. You can put all your necessities without them crowding too much. Named after bags that used to carry bowling balls, this bag is perfect for everyday office use. It is a structured handbag, so it is formal enough for corporate use but still functional to hold all your things.
  • A rectangular bag with an open top, it provides easy access to your stuff. Custom printed tote bags are all the rage these days. You can buy a plain tote and have someone print a design of your choice on it. Or you can buy a custom made one from your favourite brand
  • This type of bag is perfect for road trips to hold all your stuff in. It is large enough for all your stuff but still stylish enough to carry with any outfit. You can carry it in your hand or on your shoulder; whatever suits you best.
  • Sling bag. Also called a cross body bag, it is smaller in size compared to other types. It is perfect for a day out if you don’t need to bring a lot of things, just the basics, such as your phone, makeup and wallet. You can also wear it on a casual date or a night out in town. The best thing about using this bag: it’s hands-free!
  • Now, this bag is what you use for trips that last a few days. They come in different sizes, the smallest ones of which you can carry on inside a plane. Most luggage bags come in sets, so if you are travelling for an extended period, you can use a set, so it is easier to identify which ones are yours on the baggage carousel.
  • This one is for more formal occasions such as a wedding, evening attire events and such. There is not much room for a lot of things, just your phone and powder and a lipstick.
  • This sporty bag you can use for many occasions, such as outings to the beach, a quick hike, a trip to the gym, etc. It is roomy enough to hold your stuff and then some.

Buying bags for different purposes does not have to break the bank. Yes, branded ones may be good investments, but you can also find cheaper alternatives that will serve their purpose for a long time. As long as you take good care of them – both when in use and not in use – they will last.


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