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Don’t Skip Out On These Beauty And Wellness Trends

If wearing your daily face covering for hours on end is causing havoc with your skin, and you are finding it hard to sleep due to working from home or quarantining, then these beauty and wellness trends should help reset your routine and put you back on the right track. Keep reading to discover all about sleeping as self-care, using sustainable products, and turning to skinimalism.

  1. Skinimalism

While minimalism is in full swing and people are downsizing their things left right and center, it’s time to stop cleaning out your closet and start cleaning out all your unnecessary skincare items. That’s right, skinimalism is trending in 2021 and it’s a trend we can definitely get behind! In it, you use the least amount of beauty products to achieve that graceful glow, keeping only efficient and useful products that make you feel good.

In other words, streamline your beauty routine – and pick a BB cream with a built-in sunscreen over using a separate foundation, concealer, highlighter, and sunscreen. Make your beauty products work harder for their space in your cabinet. Or go full skinimalist and skip it all barring a moisturiser and a lick of eyeliner if you’re spending the day working from home. Your wallet, and your skin, are certain to breathe a sigh of relief.

  1. Sleep Care As Self Care

With more people finding themselves staying up late due to anxiety or putting in double time working from home, a trend that’s on the rise, and one definitely good for you, is viewing sleeping as a form of self-care. You wouldn’t let your loved ones force themselves to keep going until the wee hours, and you should show just as much grace to yourself.

Sleep gives your body and mind a chance to unwind from all the input throughout the day and skipping it over several nights is going to take a negative toll on your body and mind, as well as your immune health. Use a sleep tracker on your smart watch or phone to ensure you’re logging enough sleep hours and brush up on the intricacies of circadian rhythms by going to bed and rising around the same time each day to take advantage of a proper rest.

  1. Sustainably Sourced Products Are In

Whether it’s your moisturiser that’s bearing a new fair-trade label, or your handwashing a new set of reuseable face rounds, seeking locally made and sustainable products is a trend that can only benefit small businesses, which, let’s face it, could definitely use a helping hand. As more consumers become aware of the impact that single-use products are having on our environment, they’re choosing to endorse and support companies which offer better eco-friendly and recyclable alternatives.

  1. Consumable Beauty Pills

They say that beauty starts from the inside, and while your mom knows that covers kindness and compassion, nowadays, it also includes next-gen supplements which can literally change your skin, just like when you play at Bet Big Dollar you can change your life.

From prebiotic pills to boost gut health, and supplements like collagen-enriched powders, and adaptogens like chaga to help boost your skin firming routine, there is plenty on the market that touts a variety of life-changing options with the science to back those claims up. Try a pinch of chaga mushroom in your morning coffee for a sustainable energy boost during deadline week; or add in some maca powder to balance out your hormones.

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