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Experiencing The Opera – What To Expect

So, you’ve finally booked the city break you’ve always dreamed of and you’re heading to Rome. You’re planning what and where to eat, you’ve mastered the basics of Italian and you’re raring to go in this sprawling and stunning cosmopolitan city. You’re even tempted to book Rome Opera Tickets for a real taste of Italian culture and art.

But have you ever been to the Opera before?

If the answer is no, then you’re in the right place! Opera can look, sound and feel a little daunting, but if you give it a fighting chance then you might just discover a new guilty pleasure. It’s true that opera is not mainstream entertainment, which is why so many of us shy away from it and assume that it’s something for the “upper classes” to enjoy or those with a better understanding of all things classical. But that’s just not the case. Opera is here to be enjoyed by everyone and in this guide, you’ll find out how you can enjoy it as much as any expert will!

Make sure you pick the right one

What kind of genre do you like? A rom-com fan? A heavy drama lover? Or perhaps you prefer something a little more tongue in cheek and rude! The fact is, there’s an opera for everyone. The trick is to do a little research before you book anything. Head online and get the lowdown of the plot and characters of an opera you’re thinking of seeing. But be careful – don’t spoil the ending!

What to wear

Gone are the days of wearing grand ball gowns and top hat and tails to the opera. The world just isn’t like that anymore! If you’re heading to the opera, then wear something presentable and comfortable! If you want to dress up, wear a nice new shirt, glittery dress or a pair of heels then feel free. There’s no rule saying you can’t! Just remember to layer up, you never know how warm or cool it might be inside the theatre. Or what the temperature will be when you come back out again!

Before curtain up

Everything feels ten times longer when you’re hungry and your stomach is growling. Make sure you have something to eat before you go – the same goes for visiting the bathroom and getting a drink! Remember that the ushers are there to help you – so if you can’t find your seat, just ask! They’ll also hand you a play bill containing information about the singers and the orchestra.

Make sure your phone is off!

Curtain up/intermission

Don’t worry if you’re unsure of what is being said – opera isn’t easy to follow even in English, many places have subtitles in some form. It could be slides on the stage or a screen by your seat. Don’t be afraid to let go and follow the emotions of the performers to grasp what is going on.

During the intermission (there might be more than one) get up, stretch and walk around. Get yourself something to eat/drink if you need to.

And enjoy the second half!

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