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Go Reusable: 7 Benefits Of Reusable Grocery Bags

Reusable grocery bags have obvious benefits to the environment that many people want to utilize. But what do you do with all the reusable bags you’ve accumulated? Many people find they have more than they will ever need for their groceries.

Throwing out these bags would defeat their purpose, but don’t worry, there are plenty of ways these bags can be reused.

1: Eco-Friendlier Grocery Shopping

The most obvious benefit of reusable shopping bags is when they are used in the original way intended. Each weekly shopping trip has the potential of using more than five plastic grocery bags. Over the course of a year that is 260 plastic bags added to the nation’s landfills – and the potential of hundreds of thousands over the course of a lifetime.

2: Washable Beach Tote

Modern beach totes can be difficult to wash. Sand gets everywhere, and the plastic ones don’t do well in the dryer. Reusable shopping bags, however, can be flipped inside out to get rid of sand. They are also 100% washable.

3: Cleaning Supply Holder

Reusable bags can be used as a safe space to store your most used household cleaners. Simply install a hook on the wall out of reach of the children, and stock it with your essentials. Pull it down whenever you need it. No need to go hunting around for that one cleaner you always use!

4: Keep Your Library Books in Sight

Library books can be heavy, and they often get misplaced once home. Use a reusable bag as a library book holder and keep it in a highly visible spot, so you always know where they are. It makes carrying those heavy backs to and from the library a breeze, too!

5: Better Smelling Gym Bags

Gym bags are (A) not easily washed, and (B) trap smells inside that are given plenty of room to ferment. A reusable bag can easily store your workout essentials in an open-air setting which reduces odors like sweat-soaked clothing. It can also be thrown in the washer along with your clothing to stay smelling fresh!

6: Picnic Basket Alternative

You can use a reusable grocery bag as an alternative to wooden picnic baskets. Simply store food items in washable plastic containers and stack them neatly inside the bags. For easier access and clean up, make sure to grab a second bag. You can pack washable plates, utensils, and cups inside, furthering reducing environmental hazards!

7: Organizing Toys

If you have children, you know that toys can go everywhere. But reusable bags can make it a little easier by offering simple, cheap organization. You can put all your children’s favorite toys into one bag, for example, so they aren’t riffling through the toybox to find them – and making a mess in the process.
There are plenty of ways to use your grocery bags so they don’t end up littering the earth. Even better, you can get Custom Grocery Bags made with any design you want, so it can be uniquely you.

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