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How to Calm Your Panic Attacks

With many things happening in our surroundings, people start experiencing panic attacks or intense anxiety. While it is normal to get giddy or worry about an event or a life change, it should not get to the point when it becomes so intense and uncontrollable. That sudden, overpowering feeling of fear or worry might signify that you are having an episode, and you need to look for ways to reduce your anxiety and manage your symptoms. Otherwise, it could get the better of you.

Acknowledge what is

The first step towards calming the nerves is acknowledging that the symptoms are there in the first place. There is no sense hiding away from it or denying that it is happening to you. Instead, you must face the situation, no matter how frightening, and look at strategies to improve your condition.

Panic attacks do not only occur in mind. It may also present physical symptoms like shaking, sweating, nausea, dry mouth, shortness of breath, dizziness, and irregular heartbeats. The attack may last for a few minutes to half an hour. That time, which may feel like forever, may pass, but you certainly would not want it to happen again.

Reduce your stress and find a peaceful place

The best way to handle panic attacks is to manage your stress, as it mostly happens when your wits are pushed to the limit. Keep your surrounding a nice place to rest by maintaining their cleanliness. Resolve issues with your heating and cooling systems through the expertise of HVAC St Charles. You have to make sure that the temperatures are comfortable and cozy while your indoor air quality is at its best. If your house is conducive to a rejuvenating respite, you will no longer have to find a spot to enjoy your peace. However, it would also be nice to get out and go to some place where you can be one with nature. Scenic views and fresh air are calming to the spirit. You will need a lot of those if you want to stay still. You may also handle panic episodes with the help of the following strategies:

  • Smell a soothing scent like lavender.
  • Try to ride out the attack by continuing with what you are doing until the symptoms subside.
  • Take deep, slow, and gentle breaths. Doing breathing exercises regularly may also help.
  • Confront your thoughts and think about how realistic your fears are. It will help your mind clear up.
  • Keep a reassuring friend or relative nearby. You often need someone by your side to remind you that your attack is temporary and harmless.

Panic episodes are often temporary. They do not last, and they do not always happen — that is unless you don’t do anything about your fears or worries. Learning how to reduce anxiety could stop your attacks forever, but it could also help if you make a significant lifestyle change alongside. Eat a balanced and healthy diet, exercise, and avoid cigarettes and alcohol as much as possible. A healthy body allows you to keep the mind healthy, too.


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