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How To Create An Awesome New Home Office

It’s about time, right? Time to create an awesome new home office.

After a year of working from the couch, checking emails at the kitchen table, and writing proposals from a rocking chair – no doubt you’ll agree – it’s time for creating a real home office.

If you are renting, you’ll be more focused on interior decorating. Yet, if you’re a homeowner, you have a lot more options.

Here are some of the top considerations for your amazing new home office.

Hybrid Work Is The Future

The global pandemic is getting under control. In the United States, we’re seeing that the virus numbers are coming down and in general, the prospect of normalcy is returning to the conversation.

Yet, there’s been one thing that may never return as it was. Working exclusively in the office. According to the Harvard Business Review, more organizations are migrating to hybrid working. That means – some days at home and some days in a physical office.

If your business is offering hybrid-working options, you need to have a true home office ready for action.

Find The Space

There’s no question that in most cities space is a premium. Whether you’re in San Diego, San Francisco, or New York – urban dwellings may not have loads of extra space. That’s why you’ll need to get creative about ‘making’ a space work.

Consider these possibilities for finding your new work zone.

• Finish an attic

• Repurpose a closet

• Take over the garage

• Revamp the spare bedroom

• Utilize the crawl space

It may not seem like much space. But once you start looking, you’ll see that with a little effort, you can transform a small space into a highly functional, low-maintenance office.

Clear and Compose

Whatever portion of your home you decide on, you’ll be doing some clearing and composing. For clearing – you’ll take out the boxes, junk, and miscellaneous clutter. It may be quite a lot if you haven’t checked in a year or two.

In addition, you could check on the status of the insulation. Particularly for attics and crawl spaces, look at getting an expert opinion. There are a lot of dos-and-don’ts when it comes to insulation installation. The biggest ‘do’ is: get an expert opinion. The biggest ‘don’t’ is: don’t do it yourself.

Your attention is better devoted to composing the space. Let the experts crawl around and sort out insulation issues. You’ll be so glad you didn’t take this on as a DIY project.

Composing means taking some time to envision the space you’d like to work in. Do you want a modern-looking urban-style office? Or are you more of a romantic at heart?

Think about where you get your best ideas. Plan for the space to reflect your style, taste, and décor.

If you aren’t sure what you really would love – do some dreaming. Spend some time looking at patterns, colors, and themes. Look at your favorite celebrities for inspiration. Examine your closet – what are your favorite colors, styles, and designers? With a little investigation, you’ll see what will be the best feeling for your new home office.

Shop and Swap

Now, let the fun begin. Perhaps you’ve been on a kind of shopping moratorium. It’s entirely possible that in the last year, you’ve avoided going into public places. With recent changes, it’s now possible to put your toes in the water.

Check out your favorite new shops as well as resale shops. Look for that special desk, light, and chair that will make your office sing. Shop for some glitz and glitter to add sparkle to your space. Keep an eye out for items that may be a bit worn – but are waiting for your creative touch to bring it back to life.

Bring Nature Indoors

After the year we’ve had, it’s time to bring nature inside. Look for ways to use natural fabrics, baskets, and organic materials. Feature raw wood, plants, and flowers to create a natural feeling in your office zone.

Natural fabrics help to balance any technology – such as computer screens, lights, and tablets. While these items are a ‘must-have’ for most offices, nothing is stopping you from bringing in a load of plants, flowers, and greens.

Sum Up

Working from home doesn’t have to be ‘all-work.’ Organize your space for creativity, play, and productivity. With new office space, you’ll be set to go for maximum ingenuity and unstoppable innovation.

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