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How to host a great post-lockdown party

Fed up with being stuck indoors? Join the club. Now that lockdown is over, it’s time to get your party shoes on and host a do that nobody will forget! Let’s be honest, after so long trapped in the house, post-lockdown parties were always going to be big. Before you begin planning though, there are a few extra tips that you should be aware of, in order to get things going in the best way possible. 


What kind of a party doesn’t have decent food? A rubbish one! Trying to balance all of your friend’s and family’s tastes in food can be a difficult process, but when you get it right you’ll know it. We suggest mixing different cuisines up in order to satisfy as many tastebuds as you can, mainly going for more ‘out-there’ recipes alongside some sweet or savoury food that can be nibbled at throughout the night. The result? Your guests will be going on about your culinary skills for months on end.

Keep an eye on the weather

After months of planning, the last thing you want it to do is to pour down with rain and ruin your party. For those hosting outside in the summer sun, preparing for all kinds of weather is an absolute must. Umbrellas are always a good idea, providing great protection from the sun’s rays and pouring rain. Alternatively, a gazebo will give you even more protection, especially if you have a big group to deal with. One last thing – don’t forget to cross your fingers for sunshine too.

The playlist

If you can’t get your music right, you probably shouldn’t be djing at your own party. The mix or playlist you decide to play is the cornerstone of any good party, and the pressure can understandably be a little daunting. First things first, always make sure you pick the vibe before you choose the music. Is it going to be a slow one or a fast-paced one? Make your mind up beforehand and always keep a few backed up too. Feeling the pressure a little too much? Don’t be afraid to pass it off to somebody else.

Cosy places

Remember – while you might be partying the night away and on your own feet for most of the evening, you and your guests will still want somewhere to relax and rest your feet. Comfy furniture is one of the best ways to refresh your guests throughout the night, whether you’re inside or outside. Make sure to bring down plenty of blankets and cushions in order to allow your guests to sink into their comfort. Looking for a bonus? A fire pit is where deep and meaningful convos were made to happen.

Dress it up

After a year stuck indoors, is there a better excuse to dress up than hosting your own party? Chi Chi London has a huge variety of party dresses perfect for those big nights. From colourful styles to abstract patterns, there’s certainly something for everyone in their wide-ranging collections. In terms of setting up a dress code, we always suggest going for smart-casual, giving everybody invited a chance to dress up and dress down.

Prepping your post-lockdown party was always going to be a stress, especially when a lot of people have been invited. Keep things simple, look out for the weather and, most importantly, enjoy yourself.


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