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How to Host the Perfect Sunday Brunch

Whether you’re inviting your friends over on a sunny Sunday afternoon for a catch-up and a lovely brunch, or you’re seeking to fine dine some guests – both small and large-scale brunches require effort and preparation. Out of the many options you have for your brunch surrounding theme, colour scheme and type of event, there are plenty of ways to pull off a successful time for all of your guests. Keep reading for four ways to host the perfect and luxurious Sunday brunch.

Have Luxury Tea

If you’re wanting to throw a luxurious brunch for your guests, you can’t be serving simple English breakfast tea. Brunches are a fun way to explore new foods and drinks and serving some luxury tea is a fantastic way to impress your guests. Choosing an array of authentic loose-leaf teas will help compliment the food you serve and set the mood for the afternoon. Speciality tea such as handmade tea blends are not only great for serving at your brunch, but they’re also great for promoting wellness as well as environmental sustainability.

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Offer Champagne

While serving your tea, it might be useful to also offer some champagne; after all, it’s the weekend! Having a selection of various drinks is a refreshing way to allow your guests to pick what they want and also aid the flow of conversation. Attempt to make mimosas by splurging on an expensive bottle of champagne and some freshly squeezed orange juice. Hosting a brunch is an excellent way for you to choose how everything is served, whether that is self-serve or a waiter service.

Selection is Perfection

Having a huge selection of food at your brunch could be the difference between a good time and a great time. Choosing your menu should be at the top of your list as it is one of the things your guests will remember from your event. Comfort food is key so it’s best to make sure you select your foods in line with your theme. You can invest in a luxurious caterer and allow your guests to choose what they want buffet style or try creating recipes weeks ahead to make sure you’re ready to serve your own food on the big day.

Set the Table

Even if you’re serving the food buffet-style, you’ll want to make sure the guests have a clean and neat place to indulge. Setting the table luxuriously will help make your guests feel worthy of a great time and will also make you look like a great host. The specific décor you choose to suit your theme will tie everything together. If you like the sound of something more lavish, create a theme of luxury and don’t be shy obtaining the décor to match. If your brunch is for a certain occasion, you can always hire an external events organiser to make everything perfect.

Don’t be shy and make the effort to host your perfect brunch. Your guests will thank you, and you get to enjoy the occasion too!

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