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How To Keep Weight, Eat Breakfast Every Day


To maintain your weight loss it is advisable to eat breakfast every day. You can make yourself a delicious breakfast to fill you up until lunch like shrimp egg foo young.The idea for filling up at breakfast is so that you will have the energy to begin your day and you won’t be tempted to eat a large lunch if you have had a good and nutritious breakfast to begin with. If is a known fact that breakfast eaters were the most successful in maintaining weight loss. A study showed that people who maintained a 30-pound weight loss for one year ate breakfast every day. It does not mean that skipping breakfast will lead to weight gain or bad eating habits but you know you will be tempted to eat a lot more at lunch or even indulge in fattening fast food if you have skipped breakfast and are very hungry. Breakfast is the time to get the vitamins and fiber you require and you are set for the entire day.

Exercise Often

Exercising regularly helps greatly in weight maintenance. By getting out there and doing some running you are burning off extra calories, increasing your metabolism, and toning your muscles. It also gives you the energy boost you need to get through your day. Keep in mind that if you’re in energy balance you’ll be able to burn off the same amount of calories that you consume when eating. Due to this your weight will stay balanced. Studies have shown that people who do about 200 minutes of moderate exercise per week or about 30 minutes a day are more likely to maintain their weight once they have reached their weight losing goal. To keep up with maintaining your weight make sure to always eat a healthy diet. If there are days when you cannot get to exercising just take the time to get out and walk around a bit.

Eat A Lot of Protein

It is a known fact that eating a lot of protein can help you maintain your weight loss because protein helps to reduce appetite and also to promote the feeling of fullness. There are many delicious ways to get protein in your system like eating steamed shrimp. The reason you’ll feel satisfied and less hungry when introducing more protein in your diet is that protein increases certain hormone levels in the body that induce satiety and therefore are important in weight regulation. Protein has the right effect on your hormones and will help you to reduce the amount of calories that you consume per day. By eating protein rich foods regularly you’ll increase the amount of calories that you burn each day. This will greatly help you to maintain your weight loss.

Watch Your Carb Intake

By paying attention to the types and amounts of carbohydrates you eat each day you’ll be able to maintain your weight better. Make sure you don’t eat too many refined carbs which are found in white bread, pasta, and fruit juices. These can be bad for you and can throw you off track when trying to achieve your weight maintenance goals. Instead sit back and relax and have a delicious cup of shrimp stock. Keep in mind that refined carb foods no longer have their natural fiber that promotes a feeling of fullness and diets that are low in fiber usually result in weight gain and obesity. Studies show that people who limit their carb intake after losing weight have had more success in keeping the weight off. Following a low-carb diet you won’t eat more calories than you can burn and therefore will do well with your weight maintenance.

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