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How to Make Your Party a Great Success

Some people like to organise parties while others dread the task. Realistically, planning a party could be a nightmare because there are so many things to prepare and there is the chance of something going wrong. Parties can be as small as a quiet dinner with close friends or as big as an extravagant Indian wedding. But whatever the size or celebration, there are a few key tips in making it a smooth one. 

It takes some serious planning, creative thinking and organisational skills topped with plenty of patience to mount an event. Likewise, it takes experience, attention to details and research to stage a good and successful party.

If organisation is not your strong point, it is best to leave the task to experts like party planners Oxfordshire offers so that there is no reason to worry when you need to organise or host a corporate party, a holiday party or a special event.

What do you need to make the party a success?

The success of a party depends on how you organise it. No matter what type of party you hold, these tips will apply. When you plan a party, the very basic things you should consider are the following:

  1. Date. If it is an informal party, it is not necessary to send invitations. It is enough to call your guests a few weeks in advance, and maybe a reminder a few days before the party. If it is a formal party, it is customary to send the invitations three to four weeks in advance and earlier if it is a very important event. It is good etiquette to include an R.S.V.P. on your invitation, but do call them to confirm their attendance and finalise your final head count.
  2. Guests. Your guest list also depends on the type of party you are hosting. It could be a gathering of close friends, like a group reunion. You may be entertaining a group of professionals. You have to limit the number of guests to fit the venue you have chosen. Likewise, ensure that guests are grouped in friendly/amiable sets.
  3. Location or venue. It is important to inspect the location or venue closely. See to it that a restroom(s) is close to the party room for the convenience of guests. The venue should have ample room for your guests, but these should not exceed the recommended capacity. There should be space for the needed equipment like audio/visual, the catering crew and other staff members. Choose the right seating plan for the type of party you are hosting.
  4. Party type. The type of party you host helps determine the size and date/time of your party. If it is for children, then early or mid-afternoon is good. A formal party could either be a lunch, cocktail or dinner party. In terms of budget and level of preparation, a cocktail party is the most versatile and the least expensive, typically followed by a buffet. The most expensive is a sit-down dinner.
  5. Budget. Think of all the expenses you will incur, from decorations and flowers, entertainment or music, services, rentals, food and drinks for your initial budget. If possible, eliminate the serving of alcohol because it’s expensive. Then gradually add to your event if you still have some budget to spare, but to do not forget to set aside at least a 10% contingency for unplanned expenses.

Once you have determined all the details, seek professional help to take care of the party planning for you. Party planners can help turn even a simple event into something more memorable.

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