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Most Useful Baseball Betting Tips

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Baseball is one of the most watched and loved sports, not only in the United States but around the whole world too. There are a lot of reasons to love baseball, but mainly because of the in-depth statistics and profiles that exist within the sport.

A lot of what you see in professional baseball allowed for in-depth tactics analysis, predictions, and formal watching, which makes the sport appealing to both casual watchers as well as more formal enthusiasts of the sport. Alongside all of the viewing pleasures that the sport provides, all of this also makes it one of the most profitable sports to bet on, especially if you know what you’re doing.

Baseball betting can be extremely interesting especially because it is a money-line betting sport, in comparison to basketball and football which are more based on point lines and individual performances. Here are a few useful tips that could make you rich while betting on baseball:

Never Rely On The Favourites

One of the crucial mistakes that many newcomers make when entering the baseball betting world is simply betting on the bookies’ favourites to make a quick buck. Real money can be made when making informed, yet non-publicized decisions, and going with a left-field bet. Mainly because these bets are cheaper and have a higher payout, even though the probability is low. Some of the biggest bet winners of all time relied on the underdogs to make their riches.

Follow Reverse Line Movement

Of course, you don’t want to blindly go contrarian when making a baseball bet in the hopes that you get a big payout. Instead, the best way to make an underdog bet is to follow the reverse line movement (RLM) and locate sharp action in the opposite direction of the betting percentages. In general, you want to be on the sharp side of every game that you’re going to go for an underdog bet on.

Focus on the Weather

Now, this tip may seem a little ridiculous or a little left field, but trust us, this could end up making you some real bank. Specifically, pay attention to the trends of the wind in the city where the match is going to be played in.

Amazingly, statistics have shown that in cities where the wind blows more than 5 miles per hour on game day, the underdogs have a better winning percentage of a whopping 55%.

Learn From The Greats

Many baseball betting professionals tend to place their bets publicly and like to hand out valuable information that can help the masses make money here and there on smaller bets. These people are professional bettors so they genuinely know what they’re doing and can share the best MLB picks due to their experience. Learn from those who have made money in the industry and your chances of success will surely improve.


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