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Navigating the World of Online Dating in a Pandemic

The age of Covid-19 has certainly turned the dating world on its head. We have all been forced to shrink our social circles, minimise going out, and be highly selective over who we choose to be intimate with for fear of contracting Covid-19. The tricky part is the fact that our desires to socialise and seek romantic or sexual partners has not waned in direct proportion with our limited capacity to do so.

Online dating is confusing enough – throw a global pandemic into the mix and you have a recipe for complete chaos. There are, however, a multitude of beautiful connections that arise out of this social experiment. We are certain that, when you embrace the wonderful unknown, you will find the partner of your dreams – it might just take a bit more patience and understanding than in previous years.

Self-Awareness is Key

Before rapidly swiping through a thousand profiles or diving into a whirlwind romance, check in with yourself and access what it is that you want to get out of your online dating experience. Not only is this an important exercise for yourself, but it will allow you to communicate honestly with your dates about what you are looking for. This will ultimately minimise a fallout that might arise out of misunderstanding or an incongruency of needs and desires.

If you do not feel that special spark then you should communicate this in a gentle way. There is enough unease on a global scale without stringing along a puppy-eyed lover with whom you feel no connection.

Take Your Time

When you go on a date with someone from an online dating platform, you are vulnerable to the possibility that they have contracted the Covid-19 virus. Not only this, but you are also indirectly exposed to everyone that they have recently been in contact with. When you really think about it, the risk you are running is somewhat immense. That being said, we cannot be completely recluse and live in a state of constant paranoia.

It is not worth risking your safety for a date that you are not wholly enthusiastic about. This is why it is recommended that you take your time getting to know each other through texts, calls, or videocalls to establish whether there is a mutual attraction and chemistry worth exploring in person.

Communicate Openly About Health and Safety

The extent to which you are willing to socialise will of course depend on your personal set of health concerns as well as your living situation. If you suffer from a co-morbidity such as chronic lung disease or diabetes, then you are naturally being far more cautious. Furthermore, if you live with your frail grandparents then meeting strangers at a bar is most likely out of the question.

You do not need to justify or explain your reasons for being cautious but it is worth communicating where your specific boundaries lie. You may prefer to stay home and play online games rather than venture out, and that’s your choice. At the end of the day, Covid-19 is a serious matter that should be handled with respect and compassion.


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