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Planning a Los Angeles Fashion Tour with the Girls

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LA is the mecca for all dreamy-eyed fashionistas. So, if you and your friends have just arrived in town and cannot wait to take an informative yet deliriously designer fashion tour, you will know that the number of options and places to visit can get a little overwhelming. But do not be afraid for here is a list of the six places you must visit on your fashion tour.

And to make sure that you can enjoy your tour of the city’s fashion sites without getting lost of having to fight Los Angeles traffic, make sure to book a private Los Angeles tour bus or minibus rental. It’ll let you and the girls relax and bond between the destinations, and give you plenty of room to store all your purchases

Fashion District

The Fashion District in Los Angeles is the beating heart of everything fashion in LA. If you and the girls are going for a fashion tour, this is where you begin. And make sure you have got at least a day in hand because the place is massive. It has over two thousand thriving wholesale and retail businesses and most of the things are open to the general public. Get ready to gush over beautiful fabrics and gorgeous attires and exquisite accessories while trying not to burn a hole into your pocket. You might not succeed, though. After all, this is where fashion dreams are made. And yours is just starting.

Santee Alley 

Nestled between the bustling streets of Maple Avenue and Santee Street, Santee Alley is where you go to pay pilgrimage and shop till you drop. It is the hub of pocket-friendly shopping in the LA Fashion District and it would be a dishonour if you do not buy an outfit or two here so travel light if you do not want to end up with a crazy amount of luggage after your shopping spree. Make sure you keep tracks of your friends, though, because the items in gorgeous display in over a hundred and fifty shops have been known to lead many a sane person astray.

 Hollywood and Highland 

Hollywood is where it all began- the fashion, the craze. And since that’s what you ladies set out to experience and live, the intersection of the Highland Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard is a place you must visit to pay homage to all those lives dedicated to the art of films and fashion. Celebrate the glorious past of the industry as you walk down the famed “Road to Hollywood” to reach the courtyard and try and recognise the designs on the mosaic. Breathe in the scent of the place. For this is what the American dream smells like.

 Little Tokyo 

If you are someone who grew up watching anime and are sort of obsessed with Japan and its culture, Little Tokyo is the closest where you will get to experience the Japanese culture in real life without having to take the next flight to Tokyo. Here you can watch the delicately Japanese and boldly American cultures mingle and entwine. You can eat authentic Japanese cuisine at the restaurants, buy snacks that are imported from Japan and learn about the culture and history of the place by visiting the museum. Finish your tour by heading to the plaza and shopping for a fashionably cute Japanese accessory.

La Brea Avenue 

La Brea Avenue’s shopping district is where you go to take care of all your shopping needs. Since the area was redeveloped, this place has gone on to become an eclectic mix of shops and sellers that boast of everything from designer brands to the vintage and steampunk. Whatever your tastes and budget, La Brea has your back. So, make sure you take a stroll down this street of delights and rediscover the urge that got you into fashion in the first place.

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

If you and your girls are interested in fashion, you must treat this place as a pilgrimage spot. Here is where most of your heroes were created. From Daniel Franco, Kelli Martin and Santino Rice to Guadalupe Vidal and Leann Marshall, almost every legend from Project Runway studied here. You may also know FIDM from The Hills, the show whose dreamy-eyed fashion designer protagonist you might have related to.

And while you are on this tour, do not miss out on the jaw-dropping iconic fashion collection, spanning the entire timeline between the 1800s to now, that is on display at the campus museum.

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