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Reasons Why a Hen Party Involving Life Drawing is a Good Idea

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Organising a hen party takes a lot of effort. Unlike any other party, there is someone you need to please in this party, and this person is getting married soon. You need to sweat out all the details because you want this particular person in your life to be happy.

Life drawing is a good idea for a hen party, and it is becoming popular these days. Life drawing means drawing someone nude. Usually, for hen parties, you invite a male model to come over, and he will be the subject of the drawing.

Hen parties need to be fun, and one way to ensure everyone goes home with a massive smile on their face is to hire someone for them to draw in the nude. You can only imagine women who are yet to see a male figure laughing over this idea. As they start getting serious while drawing, they can’t help but laugh at how awkward it is.

It doesn’t have to result in a good drawing

Another reason why life drawing is perfect is that no one expects the ladies to come up with a fantastic drawing. The male form might even end up getting distorted. Add to that the amount of booze everyone drinks throughout the night. Seeing the results will make all the guests continue laughing. On a serious note, you can hire an artist to come over if you want everyone to learn essential drawing skills during the class.

It is still naughty

People heading to a hen party expect something unique and fun. It might be about the future bride, but they don’t want to waste their time on a useless party. If the bride is pretty conservative, and she does not wish to have strippers, getting a male model could be a good excuse. The model is technically not a stripper, and you are doing it for the sake of art.

It is not difficult to organise

You can find companies offering this service, like You can contact them in advance if you want them to provide this service for the party. Inform them about the date and time, select the model you want to come over, and indicate if you wish to have other services like a professional artist to provide drawing tips and guidance. During the party, even if everything is simple, there is still a beautiful highlight that everyone will enjoy. You are also not going against the wishes of the future bride since this is not a dirty party, just naughty.

It is unforgettable

Imagine drawing a naked male model during a party where some women are yet to see a man in this form. Even after years have passed, you will still be talking about this memorable night, and how everyone reacted to it. The awkwardness, laughter, silliness, and a variety of emotions the party can bring will be unforgettable.

Ask your friends if they are okay with this idea, and if they are, give it a go.

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