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Simple Ways to Experience Far Away Places Without Leaving Home

Is travel on your bucket list? Many of us long for faraway lands. When wanderlust strikes, we want to grab our passports, luggage, and plane tickets. Lately, though, travel has been more difficult. Some countries have eliminated travel from the outside altogether.

The question then becomes how to assuage the desire to travel while we are stuck at home. Modern technology can help us with that problem. Here are five simple ways to experience those faraway places we dream of without leaving home.

Taste the Food

One of the best things about travel is trying new and different foods. Some countries, like France, are known for their cuisine. Have you ever wanted to try Vietnamese food? Or, maybe, the Mediterranean is beckoning to you. When you cannot travel to your favorite foreign region, you can still experience the tastes that keep you wanting more.

Ordering food from a restaurant is one way to experience the tastes. A simpler, more long-lasting way to experience the flavors you crave is by experimenting with them in your kitchen. A cookbook showcasing your favorite region’s cuisine gives you the opportunity to recreate your favorite meals at home and experience the flavors again and again.

Infuse Your Home With the Smells

Another way to recreate your favorite travel experience is to infuse your home with the smells of the region. Certain scents, like the aroma of specialty coffee from faraway places, are strongly tied to memory. Brewing a pot of your favorite coffee from your favorite location can take you back to your last trip.

Burning a candle that reminds you of a foreign locale is another way to bring the smells into your home. Coconut, pineapple, and vanilla could remind you of the islands. Perhaps a perfume reminds you of France or Spain. Whatever scent reminds you of your favorite destination, use it to infuse your home with memories.

Wear the Clothing

Many regions of the world have a distinctive style of dress. Sometimes this style is reflected in daily clothing. Others, it’s only ceremonial attire. Either way, you can attempt to recreate the look at home.

Wearing clothing you associate with a faraway destination can make you feel like you are part of the culture. While it’s important to avoid cultural appropriation, a respectful session of appreciative dress-up is a simple yet effective way to experience your favorite location at home.

Enhance Your Decor

Are the tropics calling your name? Spice up your home with scenes from your favorite locale. A potted palm in the corner or pictures framed and hung strategically around your home can remind you of sunny beaches.

Surround yourself with pictures or other artwork from faraway places. Bring your destination home. Decorate your space in a way that reminds you of the places you love to visit.

Take a Virtual Tour

Modern technology can help you visit your favorite locale while sitting in the comfort of your own home. Many websites allow you to take a virtual tour online. When you can’t get to your favorite place, this could be the next best thing. You can even take a tour of the solar system from the comfort of your couch.

But let’s assume you prefer to stay earthbound, for now. You can view art museums, tour favorite historic sites, or just look at the beauty of the countryside. A simple online search can leave you immersed in your favorite faraway land for hours.

Travel is difficult right now. These simple tips can help you get away without ever leaving home.


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