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Southern Charm: Transforming Your Home to the Perfect Getaway

As the years pass you by with your children’s birthdays, anniversaries, and other joyous celebrations, you may realize you haven’t explored the world yourself. Perhaps you have recently flipped a house that would be great as a mecca for weary travelers coming to see the glorious sites of Mississippi? 

Transforming your home into a bed and breakfast or AirBnB can help pay the bills but give you the freedom to travel. With hostels and hotel alternatives popping up everywhere, it may be time to pack your bags after creating a place filled with that southern charm people love. The Key to the South has much to offer you. Besides being known as the birthplace of America’s music, the view of the river and boats make for a memorable place to stay. Here are some ways to create a home away from down in Vicksburg, Mississippi:

Making sure your place is safe and sound

Creating a unique southern getaway can be fun for you and for those staying at your new establishment. Having a professional contractor come to make sure your home is sound for potential guests is a good beginning point. When it comes to home remodeling, find a company that’ll help you with replacement roofing or external details needs to be fixed. Head down to the local town hall to ask about permits and licenses you’re required to have. Also, a home inspector will help you legally get your new business in shape for customers. 

One aspect you may have forgotten is security measures. Placing a camera outside and in the living areas of your home may give you peace of mind when people are staying with you. Many companies have apps that enable you to check on things just in case. Locking your personal living quarters can ease you too. If you have a main entrance that everyone uses, you may want to install an electric keypad so you don’t have to hand out your own personal keys. You can then create a new pin for every new guest.

Bed and breakfast

It takes more than love to make your home into a bed and breakfast. Appearances are important when advertising your whimsical home. You can begin with a whimsical front of the home, filled with local and native plants. Ferns and flowering plants such as the eastern bluestar gives a pop of color. Landscaping in a smaller area with container gardening with herbs can help the customers enjoy some fragrant plants and add taste to those homestyle meals. 

You can even utilize homegrown foods to teach some delicious southern cooking with guests. Serve up some sweet sun tea in bronze colored mule cups or add flair to a salad by serving it in a large mason jar. You can also use these versatile jars with fairy lights or tea light outside on the table for ambiance. 


The Airbnb business began not too many years ago and since its inception, and the founders have created a multi-billion dollar business within a decade after it’s launch. It helps travelers find a suitable place to rest their heads and gives the owner a few extra dollars to help pay the bills. This vision began as a way to help pay their rent and began with enticing people to stay over and receive breakfast in the morning. 

Now an established business, you can offer up your home as an Airbnb. The company helps protect you and vetting those who stay in your house. Like a traditional bed and breakfast, you can arrange a part of your home you don’t use for such guests. A room decorated with southern-style such as weathered boots by the closet and a gingham bedspread can add a lot of personality. You can extend that southern hospitality by adding a little extra to your guest’s stay. You can host a high tea, which is a social experience some southern homes still uphold.

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