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The Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

If you have recently been picked by a friend to be a bridesmaid, as I have recently, you will know the pressure to make not only her big day as perfect as possible but also her bachelorette party as fun as possible.

My recent experience with this was super fun but at the same time torture, the pressure was on, but I managed to pull off a fabulous memorable bachelorette party and not ruin a wedding!

So here are the top bachelorette party ideas, as well as the one I chose for my besties day:

Pamper Party

The idea of taking all the girls with for a lovely pamper party at an upscale spa, might sound a bit on the expensive side but could make some great memories. If the thought of paying for each member in the bachelorette party is too much, think about renting an Airbnb house.

You can then hire a masseuse or beautician to come around and give a massage/manicure to the bride, and perhaps have a competition for the other attendees to win a massage or treatment. And for any of these party ideas, consider hiring a photographer, getting great looking pictures of the night will really add to the great memories.

This was the option I chose for my best friend and the girls, myself and the bestie had a fabulous night to commemorate the end of her single life.

Games Night

I am not talking about a quiet evening in playing Scrabble, I am talking about a fun night in with an array of fun and adult games. From naughty games played with a focus on the bride’s final days of singleness to more sophisticated games like a casino themed night.

Game ideas:

Casino themed ideas – from a simple deck of cards and a round of poker, to online games that can bring you into the future, like amazing bitcoin betting sites, the online options are endless.

Adult games – some adult games or quizzes (depending on the ladies involved) can be super fun and hilarious. Games like pin the willy on the groom can be changed to pin the bowtie on the groom for the more easily shocked people.

Bachelor Olympics

If your bride to be cannot bare to be parted with he man, consider hosting a joint bachelor party by having a competition with the groom and his buddies.

So, the aim of this party is to compete against each other, so get some fun team outfits (team bride vs team groom etc.) and set up some games with the groomsmen to really get the bride and groom to have some fun.

Game ideas

  • Quiz night, the bride and groom are asked questions and need to answer them on the night. Whoever scores the most is the winner.
  • Goal games, like a scavenger hunt, make a target to be reached (most phone numbers, most drinks bought, most money collected) and see which side gets the most, this game can include all members of both parties.

Whichever party idea you chose, make sure the party is a great success by focusing it on the bride. By doing even little things like picking a theme, making an effort is shown, and a bride will feel the love.

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