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The Top Supplements and Vitamins for Travellers

Regular travellers should always have a few choice vitamins & supplements on hand to stay healthy and fit. Here are a few options to add to your suitcase.

Travel is always exciting, but whether it’s for work or a vacation, it can also be quite exhausting, especially if you are operating in a different time zone and have left behind your regular routine.

If you want to stay healthy, energized and ready for fun on your trip, it’s worth investing in a few choice vitamins and supplements that you can take daily with your morning coffee.

Health experts say that it’s also beneficial to change up your supplement routine during travel, so consider adding some new supplements into your current regime to reap as many benefits as you can!

#1: Grab Some Vitamin B

Vitamin B is essential for your energy levels and your immune system, which can be crucial when you are in a new country packed with unfamiliar bacteria, viruses and other nasties.

Upping your B intake is also important if your alcohol consumption is going to increase while you are on vacation, as your liver needs extra nutrients to process the extra booze.

Invest in a balanced vitamin B complex or a multivitamin to get the most bang for your buck and give you enough energy to enjoy Columbian sports betting (or apuestas deportivas Colombia), even at the end of a long day!

#2: Praise Those Probiotics

An upset stomach or tummy bug is a quick way to ruin any international trip. Health specialists recommend taking a potent probiotic supplement on your travels, especially in places where you might be eating unfamiliar foods.

Probiotics will populate your digestive tract with healthy bacteria, helping to fend off infections, prevent heartburn and nausea, and keep you eating new and exciting foods with ease.

#3: Pack Some Milk Thistle

Milk thistle and its active constituent, silymarin, are the perfect accompaniments for you on your vacation, particularly if you will be drinking.

This herb helps to protect your liver and keep it working in tip-top shape, preventing hangovers and other unfavourable side effects that come with increased alcohol consumption.

#4: Turn to Adaptogens

Simply put, adaptogenic herbs are those like Ashwaghanda and Rhodiola that help your body, brain and adrenal glands to become more resistant to stress.

They can help you to stay balanced and sane when life becomes hectic and should be started at least three or four weeks before you embark on your trip for optimal efficacy.

#5: Elderberry and Echinacea

Many people fall sick during international trips between travelling on trains, plains and taxis – not to mention the many germs that can be found in airports!

To prevent you from falling ill during your vacation, consider taking elderberry and Echinacea, both of which have powerful immune boosting properties. Zinc supplementation has also been shown in clinical trials to reduce the duration and severity of colds and flu.

#6: Sleep Tight with Magnesium

Did you know that as many of 90% of people on the planet have some form of magnesium deficiency?

This mineral is critical for nearly every process in your body, and aids in restful sleep and regular digestion, among many other things. Try magnesium citrate or magnesium glycinate for the best results, so you don’t end up like a sleep deprived zombie.

#7: Try Theanine

Theanine is a compound found in green tea that has been proven to help you relax and keep your stress levels manageable.

Of course, you can simply drink between one and three cups of green tea a day for your theanine fix – but if you would prefer to supplement, there are many natural options out there that will help to curb your body’s stress responses and keep you zen in any part of the world!

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