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The Ultimate Christmas Party Checklist

If you’re hosting a Christmas party for your friends, family, or colleagues, you know how difficult it is to plan a party that will make everyone happy. There are decisions to be made, people need to be called, preparations to be made, and along the way, you might find yourself in a jumble. Often, the hardest thing about hosting a party is staying organised. But don’t panic, here’s the ultimate Christmas party checklist to help you stay organised:

Guest List

The first thing you need to decide on is the guest list. How many people are you planning to invite? Make a list of the people that you really want to attend your party, and then add to your list from there. This helps you prioritise, making sure that you don’t leave out your boss, your best friend, or your most favourite cousin.


Obviously, the theme of your party will be Christmas, but you need to decide on what kind of party you want to throw. Will it be a rave? Or is it a sit-down dinner with fun party games afterwards? Will there be dancing? The theme of the party will help you decide on the rest of the party elements on this list.


Once you’ve decided on your guest list (i.e. how many people you’re inviting) and the theme of your party, you can then find a venue. You can do an ocular visit right away, or you can first search the internet for party venues close to you. For example, if you want to throw your party in Nottingham, you can choose from various Christmas party venues Nottingham has to offer; it will be a great if you start your search online. You can also narrow down your search depending on the size and the theme of your party.


Send invitations only after you’ve decided on the venue. You can do this traditionally through the mail, or you can opt for an e-vite. Either way, you should include important information on the invitations such as the time and place of the party, the theme of the party, what you expect your guests to wear and how they can RSVP.


Of course, you need to decorate your venue with Christmas-related décor. Wreaths, Christmas balls, and a mistletoe or two are good decorations, or you can easily find last minute christmas decorations but, it really depends on your venue and the theme of your party.


A sit-down dinner will require a more elaborate menu than a dance party so, again, this party element depends on the theme of your party. However, it is a great idea to customize your party food for Christmas. For example, you can change the name of your drinks to holiday-themed names so that you can incorporate Christmas in all of your party elements.


Lastly, you need to decide on what kind of entertainment you want at your party. Will you hire a DJ or a Christmas choir? Will you have party games or raffles? Although entertainment is not the most important element, it will take your party up a notch.

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