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Trendy attires to pair with Vlone Camo pants for men

Men who work out and hit the gym on regular basis are the best kind of men. These men attract a lot of attention and it is surely rightly deserved as well. However, wearing the same shirts with camopants for men can be very boring and cliché. But who said that gym looks had to be boring? You can actually set major fashion trends by pairing the perfect attires to pair with Vlone Camo pants and set a fashion statement every time you turn up at the gym.

Attires to pair with camopants

Camopants is not an easy look to carry off perfectly. If you under-do, it will look boring and too casual. If you overdo, you can look nothing short of a wannabe. If you have been concerned about what you should wear to the gym with camopants, the concern is 100% valid. It is hard to get the look perfect!

Leather jackets with camo pants

There is a general misconception that you have to wear a certain type of fabric to the gym with camo pants. These are meant to make you feel comfy whilst you work out but that does not mean that the rest of your look has to be boring too. If you wear vest tops with camo pants you can easily through on a leather jacket to add an oomph factor to your overall look. By simply adding a leather jacket to your look, you become ready for a lunch or quick coffee grab.

Button up shirt with camo pants

Button up shirts are not only restricted to jeans or dress pants. You can actually wear them with camo pants to look more fashionable. The key to carrying off this look to perfection is by making sure you don’t button up the shirt entirely as well as making sure that the shirts are untucked. A messy look will definitely be the best look.

Sweatshirt tank tops with camo pants

If you have been working on your muscles for quite some time now, you can now finally show them off by pairing the Vlone clothes with a baggy styled loose tank top. This not only shouts comfort but will also show off your physique to complete perfection.

Other accessories to add-on

Interestingly, there are many other accessories that you can add-on to your overall look with camo pants to make sure you don’t end up looking too boring or ordinary. You can try wearing different head covers like an athletic cap from a renowned brand or printed bandanas. Moreover, you can wear sun glasses in Aviator cuts to add an extra masculine factor to your overall look. Another wise addition that you can make to your attire is your shoes. Footwear is something that should never be overlooked as this is one of the few things for men that are immediately noticed. You will surely find amazing athletic shoes in the market easily to pair with the camo track pants.

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