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Use Technology to Simplify Your Life

Our culture has become a fan of the word smart. From phones, tablets, TVs, watches, appliances, vacuums, and cars, technology is truly changing how we live our lives. It was just a matter of time before lockers joined this growing innovative trend. No matter our age, location, occupation, or status, never before have our lives been busier, more connected, and more on-the-go lifestyles. Srishti Vyas stated accurately, “Technology is an art which converts imagination into reality.” The future of technology is here.

Brilliant Solutions For Today’s Woman

For busy working ladies juggling so much these days, anything that saves both time and money is worth the investment. Online ordering is increasingly becoming more popular and will continue to grow, as it provides safer shopping, better product reviews, convenience, loyalty programs, and saves time finding specific products. An increase in online purchases results from many factors, such as increased use of smartphones, social media, online marketplaces, and the way shopping behaviors have changed with generations.

The surge is further fueled by the impending explosion of online grocery shopping, meal kits, medication orders, and so much more, which increases the urgency of getting packages quickly. As consumers grow even more accustomed to the convenience and security of doing all their shopping online, the increased delivery volume isn’t going away any time soon. Experts estimate that online shopping will amount to $7 trillion of global retail sales by 2024. Corporate properties feel the burden of the e-commerce boom, with both business and personal deliveries leaving mailrooms drowning in boxes.

Smart Lockers To The Rescue

Whether it’s on campus, office buildings, multi-unit residences, or even retail, smart lockers are indeed the wave of the future. Smart lockers are the perfect way to receive or hold deliveries without having to worry about keeping packages safe while you’re away from home or the office. Especially with current pandemic restrictions requests for contactless delivery and many businesses having less staff, smart lockers are an excellent solution.

Many executives realize this efficient invention will long-term streamline staffing and provide employees with safer work environments. Retails are offering this option for consumers who are looking for a safer shopping experience. It allows for contactless pickup and returns, no lines, and long-term helps businesses reduce labor costs. Financial and Real Estate industries are using the technology to assist in safer document transactions. Libraries and educational facilities are investing to help in the distribution of materials. Restaurants are even using them to ease the congestion of pickup and delivery orders.

Creative And Unique Features

Not only do smart lockers offer contact-free pickup, but useful features include being weatherproof, refrigerated, mobile-friendly, and brand customizable. Smart lockers offer a no-contact solution that minimizes recipient, mailroom staff, and courier exposure to pathogens and allows for social distancing, which is critical in today’s challenging environment. This technology has caught on quickly, with feedback almost unanimously positive and users reporting that the lockers are highly intuitive and user-friendly.

Units can be integrated into a current software system and make package handling more efficient. Many multi-family communities have elected to offer their residents a smart locker solution on a subscription basis. Users can opt-in to use the smart lockers by paying a fee, allowing companies to recover their investment while providing residents a safe and effective way to shop online and manage their mail.

Traveling And Commuting Smart

When traveling on business or for pleasure, baggage can often be a hindrance to enjoying a getaway. Don’t burden yourself with your suitcase between flights or business meetings. Women who travel understand heavy luggage struggles, keeping valuables safe, having unexpected delays, or checking out of a hotel or Airbnb, not knowing where to store your belongings. If you’re frustrated about where to charge your smartphone, smart lockers also provide this solution. Airports, train stations, public transportation, parks, beaches, tourist attractions, and numerous cities are thankfully investing in smart lockers. With so many commuting on their trusty bicycle or even e-bike, smart lockers are even available to protect your investment. Smart lockers in the workplace can provide employees the means to store what they need to show up presentable.

As women continue to place more value on solutions and services that help make their everyday tasks more efficient and convenient, smart lockers are finding their place across various industries. Designed to provide a secure, fully integrated solution for businesses and organizations of all kinds, these self-service solutions meet so many unique needs.

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