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Why a Customised Wardrobe Is Worth the Investment

Many homeowners seriously consider storage spaces when they are building a new home or renovating their existing one. As the family grows, they need more space to keep the items they accumulate. Aside from appliances, furniture, and gadgets, family members increase the number of clothes they acquire, requiring more storage space.

The bedroom is one area in the house that needs regular organising. It can be smaller than the other rooms in the house, but it may contain all sorts of items that need to be stored properly to not occupy other spaces inside the bedroom.

It is not a bad idea to purchase ready-made closets because they come in different prices, sizes, and styles. However, there are distinct advantages when you invest in fitted wardrobes.

Read on to discover why fitted wardrobes are worth the money you spend on them.

Tailored to your needs

When you order a custom-built wardrobe, you work with the designer to create the wardrobe with all the features and details you need based on the things you want to store. You can have a floor to ceiling wardrobe that will follow the curvature of your ceiling. You can also have the designer design a closet to use odd-shaped space and corners.

You can add all the drawers, hangers, compartment, racks, and shelves you need. You can also choose the right type of door – louvred or solid wood doors that open out, sliding doors to maximise space or doors with full-length mirrors.

Efficient and intelligent use of bedroom space

A freestanding wardrobe is fine if you are renting or if you only have a few items to store. But if you’re living in your permanent home, a fitted wardrobe can conform to the shape and size of your room. You can coordinate its style to your bedroom’s interior for a better visual appeal. A fitted wardrobe does not waste space, and helps you find smart ways to utilise every available nook to provide efficient storage areas.

Have custom lighting

Most freestanding closets do not have lights, making it difficult to find things at night. With a fitted wardrobe, you can have custom lighting. You can have one light that will illuminate the entire wardrobe. You can also have lights for every part of the closet, or sensor-activated lights that automatically turn on when you open the door or drawer.

Choose the correct materials and finishes

With a custom-built wardrobe, you can specify the type of wood to use that will complement your bedroom’s interior. You can also request the type of wood finish, paint colour in matte or high gloss, and even the door’s style.

Contemporary style

With a fitted wardrobe, you can have a classic or contemporary style that will not need periodic updating. You do not renovate your bedroom every year, but sometimes you want to rearrange it, change the wallpaper or the paint, so a contemporary style will still fit your bedroom’s interior design.

Better maintenance

A fitted wardrobe leaves no gaps between the closet and the floor, ceiling, and wall. These areas are places where dust bunnies and cobwebs collect. With a fitted wardrobe built flush to the wall, floor, and ceiling, cleaning your bedroom is easier.

When you’re considering what type of wardrobe to install inside your bedroom, consider the benefits you will get by investing in a fitted wardrobe.

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