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4 National Parks Worth Visiting In Serbia

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In Serbia, you can improve your health – there are many health resorts. In winter, the mountainous Serbia is attractive for the lovers of skiing.

Serbia is geographically distant and yet close to us in spirit. European, but Slavic. Not very famous, little praised and modestly hiding its beauty in the dense veil of forests.

But it is worth to get acquainted with it closer – and it generously bestows impressions and emotions on the traveler, who has risked to refuse the usual all-inclusive rest.


1. Tara National Park and Banja Wall Lookout

This is one of the most famous parks in the country with beautiful nature and great vantage points. There is something for every tourist with any physical abilities and interests.

From the top of the national park there is a view of the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are also a lot of different sights in the area, which you can visit by day trips in a rental car, and stay in the cabin in the mountains of the park.

  • How much time should be allocated for the park: I recommend stopping here for at least 2 full days, and if time permits, then 4-5 days;
  • Admission/entry fee: free, as are all the attractions here;
  • Nearby attractions: the rock house in Bajna Basta, Drevengrad, Sargan osmica, Raca Monastery, Zlatibor, the shortest river in Europe;
  • Park opening hours: round the clock and all year round.

2. Kopaonik National Park

A paradise for lovers of winter sports. Kopaonik Park is located in the south of Serbia, 3.5 hours drive from Belgrade. If you are planning to fly on vacation and the main goal of your trip is Kopaonik and skiing, I recommend looking for tickets to Nis airport. It takes about 2 hours to drive from Nis. Read more about the ski vacation in Kopaonik.

The tourist area of the park itself is located at an altitude of about 1300m above sea level. In the winter there is a steep, modern ski resort at prices 3 to 5 times cheaper than the Austrian and French counterparts.

But in summer there is something to do: about 50 km of trekking trails with observation points, 2 small bicycle paths, rafting, horseback riding. ATV rental is very popular, on the principle of take it and go where you want (on the roads and trails).

  • How much time should be allocated for the park: 1-2 days in summer, and a week in winter;
  • Admission/entry fee: by car is 300 din (2,6 euros) per car;
  • Nearby attractions: thermal spa Jošanička Banja and Vrnjačka Banja. And also from Kpaonik you can go to the Devil’s Pillars of Kursumlija;
  • Park opening hours: round the clock and all year round.


3. Fruska Gora National Park

Arguably the best national park in northern Serbia. As you know, the entire northern part of the country above Belgrade is flat. And Fruska Gora stands out very much from this area.

The park is 15km from Novi Sad, which is a 50 minute drive from Belgrade, via an excellent highway. The national park is huge for a hiker: 80km long and some 15 to 20km wide.

  • How much time should be allocated for the park: ideally the whole day. If by car with a visit to the main viewpoints and a cup of kafa, half a day is enough. But if you want to see all 16 monasteries, a day may not be enough even by car;
  • Admission/entry fee: free;
  • Nearby attractions: Belgrade, Novi Sad and Petrovaradin Fortress, Zrenjanin and Subotica one hour away by highway;
  • Park opening hours: 24 hours a day, all year round.

4. Lazarev Canyon National Park

Lazarev Canyon is severely underrated by travelers. This is one of the steepest, deepest and hardest to pass canyons in Serbia. And it is located, on the one hand, relatively close to the central region of Serbia, but away from the fast and wide highways.

In the canyon, there are relatively few hiking trails and viewpoints, but the views are very good.

Of the disadvantages of Lazarev Canyon: there is little rental housing in the area. What would be possible to spend the night nearby and there is no wide river or reservoir, as at the observation sites in Tara Park or Uvac Canyon.

  • How much time should be allocated for the park: minimum 1 day, maximum 1 day. It’s enough to come to the park by 12, make a walk up to the observation deck and the cave – this route takes 2 hours at most and have time to get back before the overnight stay;
  • Admission/entry fee: free;
  • Nearby attractions: if you drive from Sokobanja to Vratne Canyon, then on the way just Lazarev Canyon;
  • Park opening hours: 24 hours a day and all year round.


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