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7 Safe Countries for Solo Female Globetrotters

If you’re travelling solo, play it safe by visiting a country renowned for its safety for women. Here are 7 beautiful destinations for your travel list!

The world may be changing rapidly when it comes to gender equality, but safety is still an important consideration for any solo female traveller. Travelling alone is often perfectly safe, but the fact of the matter is that every worldly woman needs to know how to protect herself in situations she deems sketchy or dangerous in any way.

There are many countries out there where abduction, violence and sexual harassment are still prevalent issues, and the last thing you want is a nasty incident marring what would otherwise have been a wonderful travel experience!

One way to steer clear of such issues is to choose a reputably safe country to visit, of which there are many out there that offer beautiful views, amazing cultures, and so much more. Check out this list of our top 10 safest countries for solo female globe-trotters before you book your next plane ticket!

#1: Finland

The land of the midnight sun and the home of the iconic Northern Lights is also remarkably safe for travellers, and especially women. It is also perfect for nature lovers, offering Europe’s largest woodland reserve, Lemmenjoki National Park, and countless other beautiful wild areas, lakes and mountains to explore.

In terms of safety, Finland is ranked number one by the World Economic Forum in its Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report. This is one of Europe’s safest countries to see alone, no matter your gender or how long you intend to stay.

#2: Canada

Canada offers a wide range of landscapes, ranging from ancient forests and snowy mountains to countryside’s, metropolises and more. Its wilder areas are particularly memorable, while its cities have a unique charm and a cosmopolitan, multicultural appeal.

Another big appeal of Canada is that out of all the countries in North and South America, it is considered to be the safest by far for female travellers. It also hosts many of the safest cities for solo women to see, along with countless world-class backpackers and hotels.

#3: New Zealand

Lord of the Ring fans and nature lovers alike will find something to love in New Zealand, a country packed with opportunities for enthusiasts of hiking, adventure, adrenaline sports and more.

It is comprised of two separate islands; on North Island, you will find gorgeous beaches, towering volcanoes, and crystal clear lakes, while on South Island, you can enjoy glaciers, snowy mountain peaks, and sounds full of whales and native seals. Better still, NZ is the world’s fourth safest country for travellers, and is also considered to be extremely secure for women and backpackers.

#4: Uruguay

This South American country is filled with friendly people, iconic beaches, lovely cities and historical monuments to explore.

It also has some of the Americas’ lowest crime rates, making it ideal for female travellers who want to venture out on their own. Skip on over to Argentina and you can enjoy some sports betting, or bet apuestas argentina as it’s known locally too!

#5: Switzerland

Swizterland has always been renowned for its peaceful nature, and nothing has changed over the years. It is packed with cultural diversity, breath-taking views, and cosmopolitan towns and cities that welcome travellers from all over the world.

Also, as you may have guessed, this nation is incredibly safe for women, and is also the world’s seventh most peaceful nation as ranked by the Global Peace Index.

#6: Belgium

Aside from their legendary waffles, Belgium is renowned for its history, its great infrastructure, and its many tourist attractions.

Naturally, it is also a first world and very safe destination for solo women on the move, especially because of its international study abroad programs.

#7: Chile

Chile’s unique beauty is no secret, be it the country’s arid deserts of Atacama or its wild jungles of Patagonia. It also boasts historical cities, pristine beaches, and plenty of camping spots – as well as unsurpassed safety for female travellers.

Chilean locals love to mingle and learn more about international visitors, so be prepared for plenty of friendly questions and local hospitality!

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