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Backpacking in Bolivia


Bolivia lacks the facilities offered by other South American countries, yet it is a recommended place to go sight-seeing in a limited budget. It is a unique place with amazing landscapes and many heritage sites. It is one of the cheapest destinations but is often overlooked by the travelers. There are various opportunities for adventurous sports and fun activities. The local cuisine is delicious but very little attention is paid to hygiene. Its capital city, La Paz, is the highest city in the world.

Sight Seeing:

The historic sights of Isla del Sol, Palacio Portales and San Lorenzo Church should not be missed by history fanatics. You can take private tours of Lake Titicaca, Uyuni Salt Flats, Salar de Uyuni and Tiwanaku. There are opportunities for enjoying activities such as cable car tour, mountain biking, boating, kayaking and trekking. Various resorts and hotels are located in different cities where tourists can spend night.


You can find many markets, stalls and restaurants where delicious food can be enjoyed. It is recommended to choose shops and stalls that are crowded. You can purchase grocery, vegetables and fruits at considerably low prices. Certain accommodations offer cooking facilities. You can save up money and get hygienic food by cooking at home. However, the famous dishes and roadside items must be tried at least once. Traditional cuisine includes Aji, Singani, Charque, Llajwa and Saltenas.

Public Transport:

The condition of public transport is not too good. You can find certain means of transport that are low on cost but their quality is compromised. It is better to spend some more money on safe travelling rather than having your life at stake. The buses are never on time. You may have to wait for long in order to visit somewhere.


There are enough places in Bolivia to stay during your adventurous tour. Hotel rooms, hostels and guesthouses offer many facilities for visitors. Local people are quiet friendly and are eager to talk to strangers. Through negotiation, you can easily book a comfortable room for less than $8 a day with multiple facilities. There are agents roaming near the bus terminals. You can ask them about available rooms to get the best deals.

Jungle Tours:

Without a proper tour of Bolivia Amazon, your trip to the country will be incomplete. Different types of tours are offered with rates depending upon the number of days you want to stay there. An English speaking guide can be provided to facilitate the visitors, but a majority of them speak Spanish only. There are basic facilities in the jungle but you can get a place to stay and meals comprising of local dishes. You can go anaconda hunting and catching piranha. The safety of visitors is also ensured.


Bolivia is an underdeveloped country of South America. It is a great place for backpacking due to low costs for all facilities. However, the security conditions are quite unsatisfactory. Therefore do not keep expensive items on display when roaming on the streets. You can enjoy an adventurous yet unpredictable tour where you will encounter many enthralling situations.

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