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Cities to Visit & Move to Post-Pandemic

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Vaccinations are relatively high and virus rates are dropping. We’ve all been stuck in the house more than we’d like to. Even people who didn’t travel much are excited to explore. There are a lot of different places to visit both inside the country and abroad. People are moving out of their cities due to high virus rates in dense populations and strict regulations. With quite a few different places to choose from, people are vacationing and moving to these great American cities.


Austin has been exploding during the pandemic, probably because it is the best of both worlds. It is the infamously weird, liberal capital of Texas where art thrives and the libertine attitude of the state becomes truly free. There is no state income tax so it is no wonder that rich and famous people are relocating to Austin. Everyone from Joe Rogan to Elon Musk have moved there and others have followed suit. Whether you already know that you love Austin or are going to check it out for the first time, the city has become a hotspot for visits and new arrivals.

Washington DC

Washington DC has always been a place to take a vacation, but it is also turning into an increasingly enticing option for a place to live. Our country’s capital has a variety of neighborhoods to choose from. It is a mid-sized city that has a reputation of gentrification. While this typically makes the city less dangerous, it also displaces people and pushes them out of the city. Washington DC is a great place to visit, but living in DC has become increasingly popular. It has surprising, multi-faceted benefits that people from the northeast are leaving their larger cities for.


Nashville has been on the rise for a long time. Music City isn’t just known for Country-Western, all kinds of music are welcome in the capital of Tennessee. It is also known for food and nightlife. Nashville hot chicken has become something of an obsession and the city has some of the best dive bars in the country. With a lot of history and cheaper rent than a lot of the country, more people moved to Tennessee in 2020 than any other state. It’s a great place to visit for drinks, food, live music, and southern hospitality, people are choosing to live out that lifestyle.


Colorado is a beautiful place with mountains, lakes, and some great cities. Denver is the largest and is the capital of this colorful state. It has everything you want—great beer, tech and business, comedy, live music, and more. Denver has its obvious benefits. You have the advantages of the city and all the nature next door in the Rocky Mountains. You’ll pay less and get a lot for what you pay. While Colorado gets some manic depressive weather, the variety doesn’t bother everyone. Denver is a great hub for a vacation in the mountains or as a new place to live.


Popular mostly with Californians and Oregonians, there are endless reasons to move to Seattle. It has amazingly high-quality food, great places to drink, and arts like music, writing, and painting—all set to a rainy backdrop or in a sleepy coffee shop. Seattle makes for a great vacation, but as soon as you get there you might want to move. If you can handle the weather, Seattle will provide a great life and place to settle down with a family.

As the pandemic slowly becomes just a memory, people will take vacations and move out of the cities where they’ve spent over the last year. Larger cities are subject to higher virus rates and subsequent regulations. A lot of people are itching to move. This will lead to people visiting cities they’ve never been to so they can find their new home.

We’re all excited to travel and find new trajectories in our lives. COVID-19 will get under control and we will return to something that resembles life before it. The economy will recover and many people will think of changing things in their lives. These cities are just a few options for great places to visit and relocate to if you have the desire to move.

Ryan Beitler is writer, journalist, and blogger who has written about travel and culture for a wide variety of publications.


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