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Enjoy a Belfast Service Apartment During a Longer Pitstop in Ireland

Being a solo female traveller, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of seeing 12 new countries in as many months. However, what tends to happen when being a perpetual traveller is the travel grind gets to you. It gets to everyone eventually. For your own sanity, you decide to start travelling more slowly which has some noticeable advantages over the whirlwind tour.

Spending Time in Belfast

Ireland and especially Belfast has such rich history that it’s often near the top of travellers’ wish lists. Belfast is a place full of contrasts. There are some interesting places to visit while you’re there, but if working on the road as a digital nomad, you’ll need more than a bolt-hole. You will require a real apartment to situate yourself.

After all, setting up a place to work in a rented room doesn’t work out well even as a solopreneur and renting a desk in a co-working space can get expensive pretty quickly too. The essence of travelling slowing means staying in one place for a period of a few months. Bouncing every two weeks to a new destination gets old even if you’re a millennial. For Gen X, it’s just too tiring and disruptive when trying to be productive and having to pack up and move on a regular basis.

Travelling Slowly Means Hanging Out

Having a place to call your own during your stay makes all the difference. It helps you to get settled in and oriented to a new city sooner. With a serviced apartment, everything that you could possibly need is provided for you. The entertainment for your downtime is delivered via a Smart TV, a player for your DVDs, and a solid internet speed to stream YouTube videos. You don’t waste time seeking it out.

For a wide range of serviced apartments, it’s best to go to a specialist like Dream Apartments ( They have a collection of serviced apartments (flats) available for rental. They’re fully managed and have everything you could possibly think of from a washer/dryer to a toaster, kettle, and microwave.

Making Friends All Around the World

Making new friends as you travel is great. There are meet ups for digital nomads and global travellers who may work alone but wish to socialise together. Traveling within Belfast and outside to other parts of Ireland is a popular choice as there’s much to see and do. It’s more fun to explore interesting new places with several people (or a larger group) because each person sees something a little differently which makes for a lively discussion over a pint of Guinness down the pub!

Great enjoyment is had from spending more time in a single location. Getting to know some of the friendly locals only serves to enhance the experience. Flitting in and out of different cities and countries spending only a matter of days there simply doesn’t do them justice. You can only really say that you’ve spent time in Belfast (or anywhere else of that matter) if you’ve spent months there.

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