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Hidden Gems in Florida

Florida is known for its destinations, but it has way more to offer than Miami and Key West. There are plenty of hidden gems for whatever you’re interested in. Florida is varied and complex, with so many beautiful places to go and different things to see. When you go beyond the typical vacation spots and do a little research, you can find a lot of special places that few people know about. Read below for some of these spots where you can find your own piece of paradise or a hidden spot where you can enjoy the nightlife.

Florida Domes

One of the most serene spots in Florida are the Domes. Providing shelter for aquatic life and birds on the Gulf Coast, the Florida Domes are a part of a wildlife preserve accessible only by boat. This is a great sight to find a peaceful paradise. The area is gorgeous. If you make the effort to go there, you won’t regret it.

Flagler Village

The Flagler Village is a hip neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale that’s home to breweries, restaurants, art galleries, and local boutiques. You might not think of Fort Lauderdale when you’re wondering where the up-and-coming spots are, but Flagler Village is a great place to relax and enjoy some food and drink. In addition to eating and drinking, it is a neighborhood with a lot of places to shop. Flagler Village is also home to the beautiful Central Beach.

Florida Caverns State Park

Most people probably don’t know that there are caves in Florida. The Florida Caverns State Park has guided tours through some amazing cave systems. With rock formations accented by LED lights that create a stunning atmosphere, everyone loves this activity. There is even wildlife that calls the caves home, including bats and snakes. The limestone cave system is cold inside so bring a jacket. While the tour is only about an hour, you can also take in the sights along the way.


Everyone loves Miami, but few give love to Orlando beyond Disney World. Forget the park, this city is vibrant and is making a name for itself beyond Disney. With an eclectic, young, and diverse culture, Orlando is a city that isn’t defined by what people know about it. It has a large homosexual community for Florida and is home to a lot of creative people making things and starting businesses.

South Walton

With 16 different beach neighborhoods, South Walton sprawls over 26 miles of white beaches. There are tons of different atmospheres where you can find the perfect spot for you and your loved ones to vacation. Spend a day at the beach and enjoy the Gulf of Mexico’s turquoise waters. Book a family-friendly surfing trip or paddle-boarding lessons. There is even an Underwater Museum of Art that is 60 feet under the surface.

Dry Tortugas

About 70 miles away from Key West, Dry Tortugas is a fantastic destination for tourists. It combines the beautiful coast of Florida with some naturalist history. You have to take a seaplane or a ferry to get there, but when you do you’ll have a great time. It is also home to some great snorkeling. With shallow, crystal clear water and an abundance of sea life, getting in the water is accessible for the whole family.

Weeki Wachee State Park

Another great outdoor expedition is to kayak in the Weeki Wachee State Park. It is one of the most stunning landscapes in Florida, with natural springs and cool clear waters. Not only is it a great way to relax like a Floridian, there are also many hiking trails, areas to picnic, and tons of swimming. With waters at perfect temperatures, it is perfect for cooling off any time of year.

These hidden gems are just a few options when you want to get the most out of Florida but will avoid Miami Beach, South Beach, Key West, and all the other cliché spots. The state is often made fun of, but it has so many amazing things to offer. Not only is its nature pristine, the people are fun and the nightlife is abundant. Whether you’re looking for fine food, craft beverages, amazing secluded beaches, or your own spot of paradise, take a look into all the hidden gems that can be found in Florida and you won’t be disappointed.

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