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How To Build Links To Your Blogs

If one of your goals is to increase your blog’s authority ranking, in order to ensure that your blog ranks highly in search results, it’s important to learn how to build links to your blogs. As the amount of links which you build directly impacts your blog’s authority ranking and as a consequence your blog’s search result ranking.

How to Build Links to Your Blogs:

  1. Develop a friendly rapport with bloggers in your niche

It’s well worth regularly commenting on blogs which are in the same niche as your blog as if you build a natural rapport with other bloggers, you may be able to email them to see whether or not they’d be willing to place a link to your blog, in one of their posts. In exchange, you may be willing to place a link to their blog in one of your upcoming blog posts.

  1. Start posting in a variety of forums which are focused on your blog’s niche

One way to accumulate thousands of links is to regularly comment on a wide variety of forums, which are related to your blog’s niche topic. It’s well worth sticking to forums which boast thousands of active accounts as the more popular a site in, the more influence the links which you feature on it will have on your blog’s authority ranking and traffic.

As an example, if you create a backlink to your blog on a CNN forum, your authority ranking will rise far quicker than if you were to create a backlink on a relatively unknown forum.Just make sure to not to spam any forum which you decide to join as doing so may result in you’re a drop in your blog’s authority ranking.

  1. Pay to have your blog listed in a comprehensive online directory on your niche

One way to help your authority ranking soar is to pay numerous online directory’s to feature professional links to your blogs. Alternatively, if you’re trying to stick to a budget, you may want to try your hand at publishing your own directories.

  1. Use trending stories to build links to your blog

It’s well worth staying up to date with the latest news stories, memes, and hashtags which are taking the internet by storm as if you’re smart you can use them to link back to your blog. If you’re curious as to where to start, it’s well worth visiting popular social media bookmarking sites, as you’ll find the top trending stories on the front page of each site.

  1. Start off by creating a Wikipedia page to backlink to your blog

If you’re unsure of how to start, consider writing a Wikipedia article as Wikipedia is marked as being a high trust site so any links which you create are sure to increase your blog’s authority ranking. Which will help your blog feature on the first few results of your potential readers’ search results.

So if you’re keen for your blog to appear on the first few pages of your readers’ search results, it’s well worth learning about link building in order to increase your blog’s authority ranking and search result rankings. You can find more helpful tips and pointers at,, to help you have a successful blog!

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