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How To Travel Fairly Free

Traveling is fun! That’s what most traveling people would tell you. Of course, those who don’t like to travel, be it because they hate planes, get bus/train/car-sick or for any other reason, they would claim something totally different, but we don’t care about them. Because, we love to travel. But traveling can be rather expensive at times. Are there ways to make your travels cheaper? Yes, there are.

Finding yourself cheap, or even free accommodation can be difficult, but don’t worry, there are options. You’ve definitely heard of and similar sites where people offer you couches free of charge. So for a day or a few, why not take advantage of these offers. Some people are also offering their entire apartment or house for free to you if you’re willing to take care of their pets for a a week or more, one of those options is but that’s not the only one. You can find more of those options by searching for “house sitting”.

Additionally there are sites out there where people offer you free accommodation in exchange for some work in their garden or anything else, see for more information about that.

And if the previous two options didn’t work for one reason or another, you might want to find yourself a cheap room through You don’t always need an entire apartment for yourself, and living together with other travelers in the same apartment (but different rooms) can be fun as well. Just select rooms instead of apartments on their site.

While it might be difficult to get your flights for free, for shorter distances it’s possible to just hitch a ride. It’s not as difficult, or horrifying as some of you might think. I once hitchhiked from Estonia to Spain with a friend of mine and did almost the same trip the next year alone.

If you choose to live in a hostel, sometimes you might be able to get them to offer you food for free in exchange of you doing some chores for them.

And if don’t manage to get these things to help you, buy some international lottery and hope to win to keep you on the road long enough.

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